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L-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols efficacy and role these considerations must master

by:Shine High     2020-06-28
Now because the living condition is getting better and better, can eat a lot of people on all sorts of delicious food, coupled with some bad living habits, there are some people under the influence of obesity. Obesity will bring a lot of trouble to the person, not only can't wear beautiful clothes, but also has a lot of harm to the body. In order to lose weight, some people choose to sports, some people choose to go on a diet, also some people will choose to eat some diet pills. There are still some people don't believe in diet pills, but do have good medicine reducing weight, such as l-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols, in addition to weight loss, its efficacy and role of what? 1. L-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols efficacy and function s of lotus leaf tea polyphenols can high immunity; Reach the effect reducing weight can promote the decomposition of lipid compounds; Because has the oxidation resistance, so still can slow the aging; Can achieve the effect of preventing cancer from the side; Can lower cholesterol levels; Also resistant to radiation. In a nutshell, l-carnitine tea polyphenols and the effect of blade is very strong. 2. What person fit to eat (total tea polyphenols lotus leaf? L-carnitine, tea polyphenols, lotus leaf is mainly to people who want to lose weight, so itself belongs to the fat body, the body can take the drug; Out of shape because of the pregnant women can also be used; Although the body is not too fat, but usually more people can take food intake; Want to try to reach the effect reducing weight diet pills or auxiliary people lose weight can bold try! 3. Taking l-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols piece needs to pay attention to? Although l-carnitine, tea polyphenols, lotus leaf and no side effects, but also a place to need to be aware of. First of all, because the drug ingredients, so before going to bed not easy taking, lest affect morpheus; Secondly, taking l-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols, filling water should be paid attention to; Third, there is something wrong with the liver, kidney prohibited; Fourth, the amino acid can affect the intake of l-carnitine. L-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols can effectively improve obesity constitution, for many obese patients, should be the Gospel. However, l-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols although good, but want to achieve a healthy weight loss, preferably with exercise and diet control.
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