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L-carnitine latest brand top six

by:Shine High     2020-06-16
L-carnitine is excess fat can be transformed to the energy for the body a variety of amino acids, so as to reduce fat, reduce weight, so the same is a kind of diet tea. And are losing weight boom in recent years, so the emergence of l-carnitine by the broad masses of people's attention, therefore, more and more people want to know the same brand of rankings. Today let's take a look at the latest l-carnitine what brand list. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 1: puritans s amino acids the puritans health food companies in the United States from establishment to now have 51 years old, is the one of the most complete and even the world's biggest health products companies, engaged in the development of health foods such as big beauty health industry, development, production. So far, the puritans after continuous efforts, already has more than 600 satisfied customers, and whether it is from a quality point of view, or from a price point of view, is the first selection of people to buy health care products. And American puritans (total amino acids in addition to the weight loss, eliminate the effect such as fatty liver, also have heart health, anti-aging and so on many kinds of efficacy. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 2: frais l-carnitine frais is millennium international group co. , LTD. , a brand, frais have good reputation abroad, often have ostentation and extravagance team rushed to the situation, visible frais l-carnitine effect is better. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 3: haber high brand l-carnitine chitosan capsules haber high brand of l-carnitine chitosan capsule is Jiang Xiwei lai camp health technology co. , LTD. , developed a kind of health food products, mainly is suitable for weight loss, blood fat higher people use. The company was established not long, but from set up until now has been engaged in health food, pre-packaged food, tea and other production and sales, rarely appear negative news, also has been the support of many people with. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 4: beauty, l-carnitine, is an American sports nutrition brand owned by a top brand, and so far, is also one of the leading brand of global sports nutrition. The beauty, the beauty of l-carnitine is well-known, one of the company's products, and passed the FDA certification and GMP certification, is a health and nutrition products to lose weight. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 5: health bit CARDS lose weight capsule health bit weight loss capsule is Beijing health bit sports science and technology co. , LTD. , a brand, the company set production and sales as one, sports nutrition technology service for the consumers, and since the emergence of health bit broke the situation of China's long-term monopoly by foreign sports nutrition, is the national first and sports nutrition food stores. Health bit now has the very strong scientific research strength and production qualification, in domestic has a huge market, and the company's products have been many professional athletes, such as fitness crowd of consumer goods, and is now recognized as one of the sports nutrition food safe and effective. L-carnitine brand ranking NO. 6: luca element s mouth chewing luca element s mouth chewing pills is American source international biotechnology co. , LTD. , a subsidiary of a famous brand. So far the company from entering nutritional health products industry, has 20 years of history. In the twenty years, the company constantly improve the product development, production and sales ability, through continuous efforts, the company has won the American FDA certification and GMP standards, in the domestic products have word of health food, food card words and related legal approval and business licenses. All the above is the latest list of l-carnitine brand content, but the same brand list also constantly update and modification, if you still want to know more information, can continue to pay attention to us.
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