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L-carnitine l-carnitine deception effect reducing weight

by:Shine High     2020-03-31
L-carnitine as if overnight jiangnan across the big white, whoever has been taking diet pills to lose weight people seem to have heard of the name of l-carnitine, l-carnitine really have that magic? Left study carnitine weight loss is a scam or miracle? Together we wait and see. A, what is l-carnitine s ( L - carnitine) What is? In simple terms, l-carnitine is a kind of encourage fat into energy of natural amino acids, the body also can synthesis on its own. It is similar to a 'porter', can to consumption, fat to muscle cells into usable energy, therefore, l-carnitine weight loss principle is to promote fat burning, accelerate the metabolism of fat. At the same time of reducing body fat, reduce weight, but not to reduce moisture and muscle. In 2003, the international obesity health organization is regarded as safe without side effects of weight loss supplements. Second, l-carnitine scam exaggerated what weight loss has always been a topic of n, and simple, healthy and fast way to lose weight is full of temptation. Since Dr West wood in hunan satellite TV program 'the encyclopedia all said,' since the introduction of l-carnitine, this has been hailed as a scientific and effective weight loss god five immediately popularity soared, has appeared in the media. While taking l-carnitine weight loss success 'myth', but also some people say that it 'did not make', is not lean against fat. Weight-loss experts say, s an ideal don't need to diet, without any side effects, efficacy significant weight loss products. But it really the case? L-carnitine is the vehicle of fat, is indispensable in fat metabolism, but the consumption of fat is not totally depends on l-carnitine. If the energy consumption is not big, fat consumption, the increase of l-carnitine can not effectively promote fat oxidation function. Only when the body is vigorous exercise, energy consumption is large, but the body cannot satisfy the need of l-carnitine, l-carnitine, can speed up the metabolism of fat. So through l-carnitine weight loss, but also cooperate with plenty of aerobic exercise and proper diet, so that the same can play a role. If use l-carnitine alone, may not be able to effectively reduce weight fat, but it still can affect the body fat metabolism, make the speed and scale of fat consumption is greater than the rate of loss of muscle, and raise the tolerance of dieting stage. Small make up that l-carnitine, therefore, is the real role of supplementary motor burning fat, the key lies in the usual sports, the operation of l-carnitine on the market is not completely, but the myth of exaggerated.
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