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L-carnitine has side effects taking l-carnitine need to pay attention to

by:Shine High     2020-07-07
Now many people who lose weight eating l-carnitine, and we will see, there are a lot of l-carnitine products on the market, all said the same effect is good, and harmless to the body, don't enjoy a really have side effects? Do you have this kind of confusion? The following is for you to solve. L-carnitine have any side effects l-carnitine is actually a kind of auxiliary enzymes, main is to promote fatty acids into the mitochondria oxidative decomposition, l-carnitine is fat porters, bigger fat cells carry out to the mitochondria, let it go after burning, thereby the purpose of reducing weight. Through the investigation and security test showed that l-carnitine is is safe with no side effects, so you can rest assured. Taking l-carnitine what need to pay attention to: 1, take time to play to the effect of l-carnitine is need to cooperate with movement, thus taking l-carnitine had better be to exercise an hour before, this is advantageous to the l-carnitine absorb and make use of. 2, kidney disease, disable: because l-carnitine will be produced in the liver and the kidney, the liver and kidney function is weak or has disease may appear adverse reaction, so it is best not to take it. 3, don't take at night: the body feeling after taking l-carnitine lung with energy, so it is best not to take in the evening, avoid even the appearance of insomnia. 4, drink plenty of water, the body will consume large amounts of water after taking l-carnitine, so we need to drink water more, avoid water body. 5, in moderation: taking l-carnitine quantity should be appropriate, not to avoid excessive diarrhea, and it is best not to eat for a long time, while taking prohibited taking with amino acids. Above is the answer for you is there any side effects of l-carnitine, what do we learn through above l-carnitine is no side effects, can be at ease use, but some matters needing attention must notice, otherwise is likely to be bad to the body, those that have side effects must be attention not to notice.
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