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L-carnitine can reduce weight, please take inventory l-carnitine weight loss principle and method

by:Shine High     2020-07-02
Each girls all want to own a slim figure, but because of lack of exercise at ordinary times, and also like to eat some food of high quantity of heat, so the body contorts the beginning, wait to realize are too late, then began to lose some weight. The competitive l-carnitine before frying is a kind of weight loss products, conformity to its effect reducing weight, it can reduce weight really? 1, l-carnitine can reduce weight you can reduce weight; S main function is to promote fat into energy, and can reduce body fat, reduce weight at the same time, reducing water and muscle is a safe means of weight loss supplements, human body lack of l-carnitine, fat metabolism is slow, long-term accumulation can into obesity, add s to the human body, can quickly burn fat, to achieve weight loss. 2, l-carnitine weight loss principle of l-carnitine is principle is to strengthen the fat metabolism, reduce weight to fat burning, and fat metabolism is needed after the fatty acids into the mitochondria, to combustion, into energy, l-carnitine can promote fatty acids into the mitochondria, make a lot of fat in oxidative metabolism; Under the effect of l-carnitine, can make the person on the basis of reducing sugar intake, physical fitness to maintain a long time, this is the process of sinistral building burn fat. 3, during the period of l-carnitine to go on a diet to lose weight you eat a lot of people to lose weight, in addition to the reasonable movement, match again some weight loss products, essential to control your diet, try to eat less or don't eat, but must pay attention to nutritional supplement during taking l-carnitine, because with l-carnitine weight loss itself need carbohydrates, to enhance physical fitness, enhance the capacity of the metabolism of fat in the body, if not strengthen nutrition supplement, full of adequate intake of food, can cause malnutrition, suggested in a reasonable diet, also want to fully replenish nutrition. 4, l-carnitine weight loss have a side effect of l-carnitine itself is not toxic, but people taking a left-handed flesh alkali process, and excessive eating will inevitably produce some side effects to the human body. Too much food can cause diarrhea, taking before going to bed can lead to insomnia, while people of liver and kidney bad cause adverse reactions, to buy the product quality closes nevertheless, can lead to muscle weakness and even atrophy, so consumers must pay special attention to in the process of taking. 5, tips, l-carnitine is an assistant in the process of fat metabolism, if you want to burn more fat, the first thing to do is to use more fat to participate in the process of fat metabolism, the movement is the key, plus a reasonable diet, same time energy consumption will increase, fat consumption needs to increase, and then add l-carnitine can promote more adipose combustion, to achieve weight loss. 6, l-carnitine and taking correct method 1, can take half an hour after meal, it should be noted that it is best not to take before going to bed an hour, lest l-carnitine excess energy affect morpheus quality. 2, dose: currently, considered safe range in 1000 mg/day ~ 5000 mg/day, don't take a lot of amino acids at the same time, when taking because amino acids may affect the absorption of l-carnitine. 3, s work is 1 hour after taking ~ 6 hours, as a result, in 1 hour after aerobic exercise, reduce fat effect is obvious. 4, taking l-carnitine can affect morpheus quality, so not take before bedtime.
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