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L-carnitine and when to eat announced the best l-carnitine best time

by:Shine High     2020-07-21
Believe that a lot of people for l-carnitine are familiar with, this kind of material and cooperate with the motion of a scientific and reasonable diet can have the effect of weight loss, but some people had the same feeling the effect not how, but it may be to eat the wrong time, only at the right time to eat can better play to the effect, the effect of l-carnitine and when to eat best? The following look at together. L-carnitine what time works best if you want to play to the effect reducing weight must be combined with sports and l-carnitine is play a role in an hour after taking to six hours, so taking l-carnitine and cooperate with one or two hours after an hour of aerobic exercise effect is best. L-carnitine three grain of twice a day, taking an hour before exercise, water a blunt can promote the absorption of drugs. Eat the same note 1, cannot eat more: l-carnitine if intake from the outside is too much, can affect the body's own synthesis, a health hazard, general grams a day can, dose in accordance with the relevant provisions. 2, can't eat: long-term general users take will stop a week after a month, it is best not to take before sleeping at night. Long-term eating l-carnitine can increase the risk of atherosclerosis. 3, to exercise: the role of l-carnitine in time fat movement to the role of mitochondria, so only taking l-carnitine movement is not to lose weight, be sure to exercise, suggested that exercise half an hour or more, can run, run, jump rope, and so on. 4, kidney disease patients can't eat: if you have liver or kidney disease patients cannot eat l-carnitine, if don't want to eat that must consult a medical professional. Above is to eat what time to tell you about s best all content, is a great help in losing weight and believe us at the appropriate time with appropriate exercise to lose weight the effect will be better and better. The above content hope to help you.
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