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L-carnitine and tea polyphenols have side effect

by:Shine High     2020-04-01
L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule reducing intestinal absorption of lipids in food, has the functions of adjusting human body fat and blood lipids, thin body of the function. So, enjoy tea polyphenol capsule have side effect? L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule to reduce the intestinal absorption of lipids in foods, control the intake of the body heat, prevent new fat storage. By producing heat consumption in the form of the original too much fat, accelerate fat metabolism rate, make it into protein sugar, maintain the original body balanced nutrition, regulate human body fat and blood fat, thin body of the function. L-carnitine and tea polyphenols have side effects? S initially accepted the main reason is because it is safe without side effects of weight loss function. But many people who have taken the l-carnitine reaction after eating the l-carnitine dizziness, nausea, etc. , this is the obvious side effects. This may be caused by taking fake l-carnitine or informal l-carnitine. Current research about l-carnitine latest reports have the following: l-carnitine has decreased nerve tension, promote cardiovascular patients recover, enhance immunity, accelerate protein synthesis, and promote wound healing, and protection of the stability of cell membrane. Western some nutritionists even the l-carnitine as a vitamin, as additives in the diet is recommended for everyone, suggest that daily use. 2 hours after eating ~ & # 160; Hours with a certain movement, can prevent obesity purpose to promote the development of physical and mental.
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