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Increase muscle to eat protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-07-29
Many people when to go to the gym to have a question, why do exercise every day is not good muscle? Exercise for a long time in shape or even no change, and instead of losing weight, believes that many people have such doubt, today we'll look at exactly how together to rapidly growing muscle! ! ! !   The generation of muscle protein synthesis requires a lot of muscle is one of the very complex process, a lot of its need energy not only, also need plenty of protein, and to promote muscle nutrients, so we can see that the protein is one of very important substance in the muscle. So when active, must pay attention to the protein.   Protein there are 20 different amino acids, these amino acids can be very good to help the body synthesis of myoglobin, hemoglobin and so on, there are nine kinds of amino acid and the necessary supplement to the world and the human body cannot proper motion synthesis. Many contain such rich in animal food proteins, so it's easy to use by the body, but the lipid content in animal protein is higher, so we are complementary, also should pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits, it can balance nutrition, help digestion, avoid bad cholesterol generated in large quantities.   Increase muscle to eat protein powder, please a lot of people are not clear growth muscle is good and eat eat protein powder add muscle powder is good, in fact gain powder in the main part is able to quickly absorb carbohydrates and protein, and protein powder is mainly in the protein, and protein powder in the nutrition is more balanced, can help human body fat will be conerted to energy in motion, to help lower blood pressure, also can help reduce weight gain.   Tip: if you allow, you can eat some protein powder, such as whey protein powder, and its principle of pure natural, no side effects, and gain the effect is quite good, of course you also must pay attention to their diet as well, so also can better and faster to help us grow muscles.
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