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In recent years, consumers love of protein increasingly clear

by:Shine High     2020-04-10
Since a few years ago, each big food companies on their own snacks conspicuous landmark out the word 'protein', because many consumers believe that proteins can make them feel satisfied but heat is not too high. Along with the strengthening of the trend, in the 1990 s began to enter the mainstream market, sales of protein powder is more and more high. Market consultancy Euromonitor, according to data from the protein powder, protein supplements more and more people are interested in, in 2017, it will reach $10. 5 billion in global sales. Between 2015 and 2020, China's annual sales growth for protein supplements reach 5% or more. Protein powder the history of this product is not long, people always thought that in the early 20th century weightlifting athletes can have a strong and handsome figure. In the 60 s, the American legion Bob Hoffman invented protein powder was sold to male bodybuilder and actor, accelerate to increase muscle. Later, the formula was improved, with convenient packaging, turned into a public product easy to buy and eat. Protein powder is one of the most common use is to fitness after high intensity exercise, used to supplement protein, increase muscle, to speed up the muscle recovery. Compared with beef, chicken and other common meat, protein powder to eat easy and low fat, the fitness who chase after hold in both hands. In addition, there are also some people think that eat protein powder filling duration is long, so like this product. But added so much protein really no problem? According to the U. S. department of agriculture food and nutrition council of data, the average weight of adult male ( 89kg) Every day need 59 g protein, women ( 68公斤) Daily needs 50 g protein, and in 2012, according to data from 20 years of age or older American men actually 99 g of protein per day, more than 20 women eat 68 g protein. In other words, americans eat protein content is higher than they need, the daily consumption of food has to satisfy their needs, they don't need to supplement protein with protein powder, etc. Products. Excessive protein intake, is not only a nutrition surplus, and may cause side effects, too much protein breakdown products accumulate in the body, will influence the normal liver and kidney function, resulting in a decline in immunity. No specific data on Chinese protein intake, but market consulting firm mintel's report shows that a quarter of the 2014 Chinese consumers are increased protein intake. While China has nutrition surplus and the United States is different. Chinese children have excess fat, that is, the so-called obesity problems, issued by the China council for the promotion of students' nutrition and health the China children and teenagers' nutrition and health report shows that children's daily life, power of fat than has reached 36. 9%, and the fat that is a nation, the recommended indexes for 25 30%, apparently children need change eating habits to solve this problem.
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