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How to reduce weight scientific l-carnitine weight loss principle explanation

by:Shine High     2020-07-25
We know that the reason of obesity are diverse, such as constitutional obesity, acquired, hypothyroidism, drug-induced obesity and so on. If only considering acquired obesity, we know that it was caused by overeating, leading to excess somewhere in the body fat accumulation. A, reduce weight scientific principle is introduced as a result, want to reduce weight, at least, want to minus the acquired obesity, is trying to, let adipose decompose 'combustion', the greater the amount of fat is 'combustion', the better the effect reducing weight. According to the described above, get the simple formula as follows: the amount of fat is 'combustion' = total fat by decomposition efficiency ( %) * transport efficiency ( %) X (oxidation efficiency %) Total fat, depending on the storage after the food containing fat metabolism, so to control oil eating too much, As the saying goes too 'fat') Food ( Oil, all kinds of meat. 。 。 ) ; Decomposition efficiency, and the reason why fat decomposition, is in order to supply energy, so do more aerobic exercise, which would help improve the efficiency of decomposition ( Of course, low basal metabolism, fat decomposition efficiency is low, easy to fat) ; Transport efficiency, depending on the content of the body s; Oxidation efficiency, depending on the cell oxygen content in the mitochondria, the higher content, oxidation more fully, this is why the cause of the aerobic exercise can help reduce weight. Can be seen from the above formula, if the amount of fat, decomposition and oxidation efficiency unchanged, improve the efficiency of transport, can increase the amount of fat is 'combustion'. And transport efficiency, related to the content of the body s, naturally, people will think: if healthy people by eating health food supplement excess of l-carnitine ( For example, one day eats 2 grams) , not can raise the content of the body s, improve transport efficiency, promote the body fat burning, and thus achieve the goal of losing weight? Second, l-carnitine weight loss principle fang said, 'like to sent more trucks to coal to coal mine, to increase the capacity of thermal power plants. 'A very logical reasoning, but there is a premise, is enough' truck 'in the body, and the excess volume of coal to increase the number of' truck '. If 'truck' in the body is enough, even more than the amount of 'coal' for shipment, adding 'truck', there is no meaning. The content of that in normal healthy people, s enough? Whether to take supplements? This is the crux of the problem. According to fang, content is enough, there is no additional added. But whether his data is reliable, unknown. Imagine, in the case of a large after aerobic exercise, decomposition efficiency, fatty acid in the body ( 'Coal') Increased, but the insufficient food intake, which leads to the synthesis in the body or absorb enough l-carnitine ( The lack of 'truck') , at this time, add some extra l-carnitine, the likelihood is reasonable. ( Of course, there is also a oral products, the absorption of l-carnitine conversion problem, but it is not the focus of this article) Another Angle to test the effectiveness of the method reducing weight l-carnitine, nature is massive double-blind clinical trial, but so far does not appear to have more strong evidence, prove the validity of it.
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