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How thin people gain weight make the recipes

by:Shine High     2020-05-08
For thin people gain weight is very difficult. Small make up also understands from a senior fitness coach, thin people need to gain weight is need to strengthen the various, such as diet. How thin people gain weight make the recipes, don't eat much is useful thought light, want to eat to the point, so as to gain weight.       1, to eat more skinny is often claim to eat anything not long flesh, the fact is that you don't eat anything because you don't have to put on weight to eat too much, you can change it. Record heat: record your intake of calories per week, you need to eat their own weight 20 times a day and may be difficult to implement now, this is the reason why you thin. Eat the food of weight * 20 kcal. If your weight is 140 LBS, you need 140 x 20 = 2800 kcal heat every day. You need about two weeks to used to eat so much heat, keep records. Increase of heat. Two weeks later, the 500 kcal heat every day, if you still have two weeks before so much heat, you won't feel sick. In 140 LBS weight, two weeks after the heat need kcal increased from 2800 to 3300 kcal. Record the weight. Measuring weight every week. If you also have the same heat gain weight. If did not increase the weight, the need to increase 500 kcal heat every day next week, before you get satisfactory weight according to this method. Eating six meals a day 2, 6 times a day, don't rely on coffee play time, what all don't eat before lunch, and then I eat lunch, then. Eat food taken late at night, the night to get into the habit of eating six meals a day, can't forget in the middle of a few times. Eat breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast will consume your body muscles. If you want to be by the skin and bones become muscle man, you need to dine within an hour after wake up, get into the habit of eating breakfast. Eat every three hours: set of each feeding time and strictly abide by it. Breakfast at 7 o 'clock in the morning, at 10 o 'clock lunch at 1 PM, lunch, meals as 4 PM, 7 PM dinner and midnight snack before going to bed at 10. The appetite of alternating. If you eat every day 3000 kcal, try the breakfast, lunch and dinner 600 kcal, other 400 kcal. That no accurate scientific basis, it is important to daily/weekly/monthly quantity of heat, not the quantity of heat of every meal. 3, eat the food of high quantity of heat, vegetables are healthy food, but it doesn't work for long muscles. For example, 250 g olive only contains 100 calories. All you need is food of high quantity of heat. Total carbohydrate: oats, rice, panels, flour, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, etc. , plain flour, 200 g containing 700 kcal heat. Milk: if you are not afraid of long flesh, and whole milk, or drink skim milk. A liter of milk containing 500 kcal heat. Nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, etc. 100 grams of peanuts contain 500 kcal, still can try peanut butter. Health of fat: fish oil, linseed oil, liquid such as olive oil. 1汤匙。 Allows you to add 300 kcal heat every day. 4, eat add muscle powder suitable carbohydrate intake can actually caused the catabolism of training status ( Decomposition of muscle power) Into a synthetic metabolic state ( Increased muscle volume) Strong and handsome, so add muscle groups in daily meal nutrition carbohydrates should be accounted for 60% 65%. When using gain powder, as long as to calculate the heat demand itself, ensure the intake of carbohydrates in the recommended range, can guarantee the enough quantity of heat, add muscle carbohydrates into full play important role in the increase muscle and no increase in body fat.
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