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How long can add muscle on the powder put add muscle powder storage time after opening

by:Shine High     2020-08-04
At present a lot of male friends are all have a crush on the muscles, so a lot of people in the process of exercise by gain powder to enhance the effect of the muscle, increase muscle powder on the market generally in the form of canned, so after open a lot of people are impossible to immediately after eating, then a lot of people don't know how long can add muscle powder after open put, today we will learn together. How long can add muscle on the powder put add muscle powder if after open and save in the form of seal save, as long as it is within the guarantee period is can eat, usually add muscle powder the shelf life of six months or more, so as long as in this period of time will increase muscle powder finish. But for the time being with add muscle powder, we besides should pay attention to its shelf life, also note that some of its method and the matters needing attention, and then we'll talk about using a muscle powder a few misconceptions. Consumption increase muscle powder several misconceptions about myth, easily lead to obesity among a lot of people think gain powder contain too much carbohydrate, so it is a substance that can lead to obesity, proper carbohydrate intake can actually training the catabolism of into anabolic state and so strong and handsome gain people daily meal diet carbohydrates should account for between 60% and 65%, and so to be able in the process of exercise, give full play the effect of carbohydrate, and there would be no increase in fat. Mistake 2, after having eaten the gain powder can increase muscle this myth actually put a lot of people will, but we need to know to add muscle powder, he is just a kind of promote recovery after exercise and nutritional supplements, muscle growth has a promoting effect, so in the process of using only the right way to achieve this effect, if not taking the right way, so there is no gain effect. Myth 3, eat more gain powder can effectively promote the rapid growth of muscle increases since muscle powder can effectively promote the growth of muscles, so we can eat, if keep this attitude is not correct, when we taking gain powder, not to in a short time, rapid weight gain and muscle and excessive consumption increase muscle powder, because of excessive consumption not only causes the discomfort of intestines and stomach and digestive system, and can make the serotonin levels in the body is too high, which is easy to cause sleepiness. From here we can see, how long can add muscle powder after taking save, or according to the production date and shelf life to decide, so if you want to add muscle when buy powder to save time is longer, then buy as far as possible after the date of production to the product, the other at the time of taking gain powder, also must use the right way to take, it is not what we want.
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