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Have what different gain powder and protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-09
Many friends always gain powder and protein powder the confusion, in fact, they are two different concepts. What are the difference between gain powder and protein powder, adding powder is a kind of mixture, and protein composition is more onefold, basically is given priority to with protein, so they both composition and method is different, everybody to want to distinguish. Increase muscle powder a, increase muscle powder is introduced to add muscle will be high quality whey protein concentrate and promote the whole protein of segregation effect is the product of perfect combination of other components. For maximum increase of body weight and break down fat people, this is a good protein nutritional supplements, and is suitable for male and female. After added super powers muscle power factor will bring the body of a series of benefits, increase muscle powder and weight mainly contain part is rapid absorption of carbohydrate and protein. Second, protein powder, protein powder, usually USES the purified soybean protein ( Lack of methionine) , or casein and whey protein, or a combination of the above several kinds of protein, consisting of powder, its purpose is for people who lack the protein protein. Protein for healthy people, as long as sticking to a normal diet, the lack of this kind of situation usually will happen. Three, increase muscle powder and protein powder difference between 1 and composition difference through protein powder and add muscle powder products components can be seen that the main composition of protein powder is protein and amino acid, the quantity of heat of a protein powder is usually within the 250 calories, protein content in 55% 85%. So it is suitable for weight control and lose fat crowd. Add muscle powder is on the basis of protein powder added a certain proportion of carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals, a heat gain powder is usually more than 600 calories, some gain powder heat even in more than 1000 calories, protein content in 25% 35%. People is not easy to gain weight can choose those higher up the heat gain powder. Gain body fat during normal person can choose to lower heat gain powder, as long as reasonable training, do not worry about fat growth. 2, the method of difference between protein powder after wake up, training and all can be supplement before going to bed. In order to achieve better absorption effect, protein powder after wake up and training and some simple sugars and polysaccharides, Glucose, honey + fruit) Carbohydrate used together, so can improve the utilization rate of absorption of protein, and can effectively avoid the increase of the heat. Can be added protein directly before I go to bed, it is best to have effect of slow-release protein powder. The use of protein powder for beginners relatively trouble, so if your body fat is normal, is recommended to add muscle powder is the most convenient and quick. Add muscle powder Suggestions added after wake up and training, increase muscle flour carbohydrates matrix can quickly improve insulin, more of the nutrients in the gain powder to the muscles, help synthetic muscles. Before sleeping is not recommended to add muscle powder, due to high heat and promote the role of insulin secretion increases the accumulation of body fat, sometimes also can interfere with sleep. Many people used to equate the powder add muscle and fat, but actually, the correct use of gain powder not only does not increase fat, but also can make gain get twice the result with half the effort.
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