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Gain the effect how to eat

by:Shine High     2020-08-05
After a lot of friends to buy back the gain powder, how to eat to worry about. As long as the correct way to add muscle powder maximum efficacy into full play. Gain the effect how to eat well, eat add muscle powder after training effect is very good, this time compensatory nutrition, and composition is the nutrition for the muscles and muscle training for sports after have created favorable conditions. A gain powder after training, training after eat for nutrition, the highest at this time also the most easily absorbed; Human body after eight hours of sleep, one night without eating, so the morning after getting up is also very need nutrients; And sleep in the process of growth hormone secretion peak and leads to the limit of protein synthesis, so compensatory nutrition is also very ideal before bed. For thin man, especially in the training and after wake up, the two time can consume energy-dense foods stimulate insulin secretion, a lot of insulin have to carbohydrates and protein to the effect of the stored inside muscle cells. So you should pay close attention to the synergy of carbohydrates and whey protein, add muscle powder is undoubtedly the best choice of skinny, and within 20 minutes after exercise and breakfast in the morning during these two periods is undoubtedly gain added dust the best time. Warm water brew gain powder, with warm boiling water generally stir and mix with the warm boiling water, add muscle powder serve; The water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise easy to agglomerate, destroy the protein nutrition. Of course some stir in fruit juice or other drink, stir in other foods. Recommendation is the most fitting with the warm boiling water, avoid because of other substances because of unknown factors affecting protein absorption. Three, eat add muscle powder note 1, pay attention to drink more water. Add muscle powder absorbent, drink more water every day, usually 1500 to 2000 ml of water every day. 2, every day to eat. Add muscle powder eat over 100 grams, a secondary best every day to eat, uninterrupted. But the purity of product is different, like health bit increase muscle powder just eat 50 grams per day. 3, avoid is used a boiled water a blunt, lest destroy nutrients. Would be taken with warm water, skim milk or juice, 1 times a day. 4, in three gold time consuming: after get up early, after training, before going to bed ( Don't want to eat at night, you can eat more dinner) 。 5, insist to take exercise, but also must eat after exercise, or President XiaoDu bellies. This is the most important point. Fitness, weight gain is need compensatory nutrition, but seven points, three points to eat, be sure to fitness. After all, this thing called gain powder, is to increase the muscle, not to say that you ate gain powder you can long muscles. 6, best cooperate with milk, strong bones. After all to have healthy bones can muscle health.
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