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Gain difference between powder and whey protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-10
Add muscle powder is a product of many young people are very concerned about, especially the young people want to gain, but many people don't know what's the difference between a gain powder and whey protein powder, actually gain powder and whey protein powder is not the same, small make up today as you say, add muscle powder and whey protein powder what are the difference. Understand gain difference between powder and whey protein powder, it is very important for fitness enthusiasts, how to correctly choose and use the add muscle powder and whey protein powder, directly affect the training effect, so be sure to know the difference between them, from the composition of whey protein powder ingredients: protein powder mainly of protein and amino acid, the quantity of heat of a protein powder is usually within the 250 calories, protein content can reach more than 75%. Health bit whey protein, for example, up to 75% of the protein, quickly add muscle, eight piece of abdominal muscle. Click buy & gt;>> Add muscle powder ingredients: on the basis of protein powder added more proportion of carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals, a heat gain powder is usually more than 600 calories, some gain powder heat even in more than 1000 calories, protein content in 25% 35%. Muscle gain powder of science and technology, for example, its nutrient composition contains 760 calories, and only 25 grams of protein. Is very popular with thin people gain, at present this add muscle powder in the purple one mall accumulative total sales of 200000 pieces, by the United States, direct mail, package bag tax, support cod, ensure 100% authentic, enter the product page to buy & gt;>> Similarities: they are all concentrated extract. Add muscle powder and protein powder is the protein, carbohydrate, sugar, vitamins and essential amino acids and other ingredients. Difference: the difference is that carbon cyclization of water content and the proportion of protein. Add muscle powder contains high quantity of heat, carbohydrates, sugar and medium amount of protein, basically add muscle powder in the proportion of carbohydrate and protein in the 2-1 - Between 3:1. While the protein powder is a high quality protein. Add muscle powder in the graph is: muscle technology and gain the essential difference between powder and whey protein powder 1, add muscle powder characteristics in general, for a physique thin and in phase increase muscle fitness enthusiasts, it is recommended to use add muscle powder is better. In simple terms, is those who upset how to eat also not fat, is generally considered to be the body does not absorb. Too fast is the body metabolism, energy consumption is greater than the intake, so weight has been growing difficult. Solution is to eat much food more, high quantity of heat, high carbohydrate. But the stomach capacity is limited, increase muscle powder just solve the problem, then add muscle powder is the unit of heat higher intake. Gain the carbohydrate and protein powder is in accordance with the 2:1 ratio. 2, the characteristics of whey protein powder for easy get fat or in phase reduced fat friends, or suggest eating more protein, fat reducing, control calorie intake is the key, this period is not recommended to add muscle powder. Reduced fat during need strict control diet, many people in the diet can't stick to it.
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