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Fitness, sports fans is an important protein powder product consumer groups. Whey protein because of branched chain amino acid content is higher, is fitness enthusiasts.

by:Shine High     2020-05-26
Some famous brand of sports nutrition, also the high branched chain amino acids as the main selling points of its whey protein powder. The effect of branched chain amino acids have add muscle? Whey protein powder is higher than in mixed protein powder branched chain amino acids? In September 2015, 'consumer reports' to a third party authority makes amway nutrilite, tomson times health, grain health, merchant, health bit, kangfulai 6 brands such as mixed protein powder, beauty, and tomson times health, health bit, Muscletech four brands of whey protein powder, such as the branched chain amino acids were determined. , according to the results from the branched chain amino acid content of the metrics, based on 4 fitness protein powder selling point of whey protein powder compared with mixed protein powder and there is no obvious advantage. In fact, there is no sufficient scientific evidence that high branched chain amino acid content, gain the effect is better. Add muscle function of controversial wang guangzhou huacheng square a health club fitness coach to your correspondent is introduced, the habit of most fitness enthusiasts have added whey protein, this is because the whey protein powder contains more branched chain amino acids, can stimulate muscle growth and fast to produce energy. But Beijing sports university associate professor Su Hao doesn't think whey protein powder is more effective than mixed protein powder to add muscle, 'whey protein is a high-quality protein, but there is no evidence to suggest that the increased than that of the other food sources of protein better effect. 'And is considered a branched chain amino acids of the so-called' gain 'also has not been verified. Branched chain amino acids are leucine, valine, isoleucine three kinds of essential amino acids. Because its in the human muscle protein content as high as 35%, and the movement of the human body muscle tissue can use of branched chain amino acids as an energy source, so a theory that supplement branched chain amino acids promote muscle growth and alleviate sports fatigue. The Chinese nutrition society honorary member bill can save by nutritional science encyclopedia of China, points out that 'movement, because the muscle do energy use of branched chain amino acids, amino acid levels drop of blood. The researchers assume that movement of the supply of branched chain amino acid supplements help maintain blood leels of branched chain amino acids, reduce the endogenous protein oxidation, thus improve muscle movement. But for acute and chronic exercise testing research on these aspects, there is no sufficient evidence to support this hypothesis. 'Food engineering cloud Dr Inadvertently think of branched chain amino acid is more advantageous to add muscle theory is disputed, in his view, this theory has some support of experimental data, but it's not very solid, also need more evidence to support. As for fitness enthusiasts have necessary supplement protein powder? Su Hao said depends on the purpose of fitness and exercise intensity. 'If the purpose of fitness is reduced fat, it is not necessary to supplement protein. If it is to add muscle or professional body building, etc. , can complement appropriately. 'He said at the same time, from the point of exercise intensity, non-professional bodybuilders protein requirements can completely through common dietary supplement. Fitness enthusiasts MaiZiWen told reporters that compared before and after fitness after their prepared beef, egg, chicken breast, with a blunt protein powder added to the protein is more convenient. Alert supplements become burdensome excessive amounts of cholesterol in the blood is thought to be one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. Although 10 protein powder branched chain amino acid content is not big difference, but on the cholesterol content of the different products of numerical difference is obvious. Kangfulai high nutritional protein powder, amway nutrilite protein powder and protein powder health bit of various plants did not check out the cholesterol ( Detection limit of 2. 6mg/100g) While Muscletech whey protein powder cholesterol content as high as 160 mg / 100 g. Kangfulai pharmaceutical co. , LTD. Quality, director surnamed lu believes that cholesterol existed in the protein powder raw material, not artificial add, general production process to remove the cholesterol, protein powder, there are no dedicated certain content belong to the normal phenomenon. 'This is mainly because protein powder raw material difference. In general, high cholesterol content in whey protein, plant protein cholesterol is almost zero. 'China agricultural college food institute of nutrition and food safety system, an associate professor at zhi-hong fan. Zhi-hong fan should not read too much into the assessment indexes. 'The cholesterol content of protein powder will not cause any harm to human body health. The cholesterol in the food doesn't reach the body's health risk threshold. China and America has already cancelled the limitation on the cholesterol content in the food. 'Although the protein powder is common nutritional supplements in life, but not everyone is suitable. A few protein powder on the packaging label is not suitable for children. 'Protein powder protein content is much higher than formula. Children's digestive system has not yet fully developed, is not suitable to eat this kind of product. 'National level nutritionist JiaoTong explanation. 'The patient whether can intake of protein powder, it depends on the specific circumstances. 'The third affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university, director of the nutrition BianHuaWei told reporters. 'Some patients postoperative nutrition demand big can complement appropriately protein powder, less food intake of the patient, liver kidney disease patients not suitable to eat protein powder. Nature ', 'health food or food, not a substitute for drugs, the effect of the disease without any treatment. 'BianHuaWei stressed. Even if, as a supplement protein powder also does not have to eat. Reference the Chinese nutrition society the 2013 revision of the data in the reference intake of nutrients in dietary for Chinese people, the adult male protein intake recommendations for 60 g/day, adult women recommended intake of 50 g/day. 'There is no malnutrition symptoms in the general population does not need the extra protein. 'National level nutritionist JiaoTong made clear. He explained, according to China's current nutrition level and dietary habits, urban residents protein source is very broad, in the daily diet of milk, meat, eggs and so on to provide protein can completely meet the needs of the human body. Refer to the data in the table of the Chinese food nutrients, protein content of grains, generally about 10%, animal food protein content is 15% 25%. According to the Chinese nutrition society of 'Chinese residents have a balanced diet pagoda' advice, should eat daily 250 - per person 400 g of cereals, fish, poultry, meat, eggs and other animal food g - 125 30 g - 225 g, 300 g and dairy 50 g of soy foods. According to the dietary structure, from the cereal protein is about 25 40 g, from animal foods can eat about 35 g protein. Plus dairy and soy protein intake, daily diet is completely can meet the demand of human proteins. 'Protein is not the more the better. Excessive protein intake of the liver and kidney burden heavier, adverse to human body health. 'Said zhi-hong fan.
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