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Fitness protein powder, protein bar meal

by:Shine High     2020-04-18
From the gym for people, a movement of protein powder shake hands in the cup, do more and more people in the drink protein powder. To add muscle for iron personage, a protein powder supplements, more directly than daily egg beef protein. Such as market research, from the United States global protein supplement market is worth $1. 4 billion, 2018, represented by whey protein powder supplements accounted for 64. 8%. Are most of the global fitness professionals in almost 'drink powder'. Drink powder become bodybuilders add muscle standard, and for the people in the fitness, protein bars began on the snacks. In 2018, the protein Bar RxBar with $600 million takeover of story still in circulating and Quest Bar 2016 annual sales of more than $100 million, let us see the ordinary users, for health food protein Bar strong consumption power. Even in China, more and more small and medium-sized protein bar brand began to appear, the hope is that, in the form of healthy meal to replace 'snickers' not too healthy. Protein powder, protein, protein supplements seems to have become a business cannot be ignored, but in this business before, protein powder, just a few things for your muscle man. In the 1930 s, Mr Protein powder as the United States. Olympia, strong and handsome game. Even in China, it was not until 2002 that the journal bodybuilder whey protein is priced at 898 yuan, to know the social on-the-job worker is mean monthly salary of 1035 yuan. Protein powder, in many countries, including China, for a long time by a lot of misunderstanding. Such as 'protein powder as the hormone, kidney damage, even in the recent turmoil at the little red book, protein powder is misunderstood the number one fitness supplements, or longer, your muscle male and protein powder, the degree of being misunderstood in China. Fitness wave started in 2016, led to the growth of the protein powder, and the mass consumer market demand for 'health' label product, let us see the snack more protein bar on shelves. Big waves in the gym, fitness protein powder, and good meal protein, is enjoying a chance.
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