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Elelen l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule is good

by:Shine High     2020-04-08
Now whether big or small brand brand has almost l-carnitine products. Elelen l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule, ok? Elelen l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule on the root of obesity, particularly adding l-carnitine, tea polyphenols, lotus leaf, no need to exercise and diet, so as to solve the problem of obesity. 1, has been voted 'Shanghai beauty expo is the most popular slimming products'. Elelen healthy weight management specialist, the global latest weight management concept; The expo is the most popular slimming products! Authentic guarantee 30 days have no reason to return; Super suit, 60 for each bottle, 30 days; Rave reviews, 20 Wan Chenggong slimming user recommendation; Super strong popularity, online monthly sales of more than 35000 bottles. 2, natural, health without side effects. elelen  L-carnitine have formal certification of batch number: the food health G20080575 ( Approved by a small amount of healthy weight loss products) , the state food and drug administration certification, ensure the quality and safety, health without side effects.   Elelen s formula are this year's new tea polyphenols lotus leaf formula, toning effect increased three times; 48. 5% high purity l-carnitine content, ensure that the product without any side effects! Gelatin manufacturers and capsule is the only domestic 'three gel' industry listed companies in qinghai gelatin group, to ensure that all of the products is the most healthy and safe. Elelen l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule is good 3, normal manufacturer production, a number of international authoritative testing and certification. Name: shanxi arnhem letter health industry co. , LTD. Address: shaanxi xi 'an baqiao? Han chung? ⑶? District no. 8. Normal manufacturer is the domestic first-class level, through strict inspection, 100% pure natural green, absolutely safe and effective, has been through the international ISO9001 standard certification; The international GMP pharmaceutical industry standard authentication; International HA * * quality certification. Hygiene license: shan who eat the word ( 2009). The & # 160; 610000 - No. 090016. GMP certificate: shan wei GMP ( 2009). We number. 4, high cost performance, the effect first! Tmall mall grand recommend, elelen l-carnitine lotus leaf tea polyphenols capsule, buy a send a, the food health word, the latest formula, send equals 49 yuan after the mad rob! Elelen of 20500 using l-carnitine 'lotus powder' for three months a tracking statistics, they use 3 months after a month on average 5 - thin body 15 kg.
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