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Eat to add muscle powder really works

by:Shine High     2020-08-28
Add muscle is not all strange powder should be a lot of friends, many friends fitness exercise at the same time will now gain powder, so that we can reach a certain effect. But there are a lot of people to add muscle powder is not very understand, don't know if I really have the effect. Small make up today to talk to you, eat add muscle powder really works? Add muscle powder is a kind of promote recovery after exercise and nutrition supplement of muscle growth. But, if you want to make the powder best gain effect, should also be scientific and reasonable plan to exercise and dietary nutrition program. Fitness increase muscle to eat increase muscle powder really works? Exaggerate the effect of eating, ignoring the effect of exercise, is not what gain effect. Add muscle principle is because after the nuances of muscle fiber protein repair after injury coarsen and implementation, if there is no exercise, there would be no protein repair process, not to mention increase muscle, eating protein will be waste, potentially eat into carbohydrates may turn into fat, increase fat gain as a result of not believe it is not you want. Secondly, a lot of people to gain weight total pressure on the gain powder, it completely ignores everyday diet supplement, actually gain powder just want to have the extra nutrition effect, so gain weight would obviously effective. Excessive consumption increase muscle powder can lead to bad intestines and stomach discomfort, digestion and absorption, for can't absorb too much protein metabolism eduction body outside, very uneconomical. In addition, eating too much will make serotonin levels in the body is too high, inhibit capillary blood flow velocity, especially the brain, easy to cause sleepiness. So even if you no economic burden, also don't expect the short-term rapid increase muscle weight and excess consumption increase muscle powder, in such a competitive mentality not only economic not worthwhile, more importantly may affect health. Fitness exercise a long-term habits and customs, if added to add muscle powder, please in accordance with the provisions, the amount of scientific and healthy eating, only pay attention to the correct method, cooperate to exercise, to increase the effect of the muscle.
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