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Eat the contraindication of l-carnitine l-carnitine carefully the five big taboo

by:Shine High     2020-08-26
Obesity has been puzzled people, the harm is very big, l-carnitine can have very good thin body effect, is also a very popular weight loss products, obese people is more and more obese people will take a little l-carnitine, although left-handed flesh will have a lot of thin body effect, but also have some of the need to pay attention to when eating places, some contraindications or how much to learn about, so what are the five big taboo to eat the same? L-carnitine taboo 1: the time of taking no taking l-carnitine or want attention, in general is not the time to eat twice the shorter the time interval between the more effect, l-carnitine take an hour to six hours after taking is done, and taking l-carnitine can after an hour with one or two hours to get proper exercise. L-carnitine taboo 2: don't exercise whatever the weight loss products are auxiliary some movement during the period of taking, no movement is indeed affect the effect of l-carnitine, and don't exercise can also easily lead to drug rebound. L-carnitine taboo three: long-term use of l-carnitine and the effect of long-term use of still want discreet, taking long side effects will be greater, long-term use can increase the risk of atherosclerosis, so they need to pay attention to taking time shorter, it is best to don't take it for a long time. L-carnitine taboo iv: kidney disease (CKD) prohibit taking l-carnitine is not recommended for people with liver or kidney supplements, also is the need to pay attention to taking methods, this will only aggravate after patients. Sinistral pate taboo five: don't overdose if excessive can cause side effects of l-carnitine, will aggravate the problem of nausea and vomiting, for example, will affect their own synthesis of l-carnitine, must pay attention to the doses, but not more than the dosage. Although l-carnitine effect to reducing weight was quite good, but what kind of weight loss products are all have certain side effects, contraindications also need to pay attention to, especially the five taboos of l-carnitine can let more people taking l-carnitine some warnings, the right to take it to work faster.
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