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Eat chili can burn fat?

by:Shine High     2021-01-16

eat chili commonly in our daily life as a condiment, many people think that when eat chili can perspire, so think chili have the function of the fat burn, but in fact this is not very accurate, and small make up take a look at the following.

eat chili can burn fat?

pepper does have certain effect reducing weight, but eat chili is not can burn fat, and just eat chili to reduce weight the effect is very limited and eat chili sweating and is representative is on a diet.

pepper contains capsaicin, can promote the metabolism of fat, prevent adipose accumulate in the body, is rich in dietary fiber, beneficial to lipid-lowering diet prevention. Chili peppers contain capsaicin can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, sympathetic nerve decided how the consumption of fat in the human body, pepper can also promote the secretion of epinephrine, accelerate the metabolism of human body, strengthen the combustion and decomposition of fat cells and thus achieve the goal of weight loss.

chili capsaicin can stimulate the body in the heating system, accelerate the metabolism, at first glance, as long as the increased metabolism, it seems to lose weight? But in fact, this increase metabolism, basic didn't improve much more special, so the effect is not big. Studies have also think that eating chili, desire for sweets. But in real life, if you eat chili to reduce weight, is likely to appear this kind of miserable situation: hot, hot drink coke solving, solutions for the solution of the fat. So but really hot pepper, and no direct relationship to burn fat. Another hot pepper to intestines and stomach stimulation is very big, not suitable for everyone

what are burning fat to reduce weight food

1, kelp

kelp contains rich iodine, is raw material for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, it can promote the decomposition of glycogen and fat oxidation, improve sports and adipose combustion efficiency. Kelp contains potassium can reduce the fat on the heart, blood vessels, intestinal wall accumulation, have the effect of reducing blood fat, clean blood vessels. In addition, appropriate to eat some seaweed, to eliminate body edema also helps.

2, oats

oat is the 'regular' fat people dishes. Vitamin B1 of oats helps in glucose used is converted into heat, in the process of accelerated motion glycogen consumption. After exercise body glycogen depleted, the body breaks down fat for energy, so the oats can help you earlier stage of burning fat, help you burn more fat. In addition, oat is rich in dietary fiber can let a person produce full abdomen feeling, help to control the daily calorie intake. During the weight loss, the baby can be more luck next oats food, accelerate fat burn.

3, ginger

ginger anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, alleviate hunger, promote metabolism, accelerate the fat burning, alleviate constipation and indigestion symptoms, anyway have to ride to the human body. Green tea


green tea, black tea and coffee have promote metabolism. The caffeine in green tea through stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system to enhance energy consumption and fat oxidation; Polyphenols in green tea could help prevent resting metabolic rate ( Help to lose weight) Reflective slowing down.

5, potatoes,

potato is weight gain or lose weight, has long been debated. Potatoes is also feel very 'injustice', is because of weight gain or weight loss does not lie in the potato itself, but lies in how to eat. If it is baked, steamed, potatoes can replace staple food, but if it is Fried, it would be the more you have, the more fat.

6, corn

the nutritional value of corn in fact no less rice, but due to the relatively rough, life for three meals a day is not too much, but for other purposes. But corn is the good helper that reduce weight really, not only nutrition is rich, and the effect of stigma and fall blood sugar.

7, tomatoes,

tomatoes are either when the fruit, and can be a vegetable, but generally don't eat on an empty stomach, can cause stomach discomfort. Tomatoes and apples is more used in the weight loss of two kinds of fruit, there are, of course, grapefruit. 8, grapefruit,

grapefruit also known as grapefruit, is a kind of fruit is very good. Are low in calories and rich vitamin content, almost no fat, sugar content is not high, so often used to lose weight, lose weight is circle recognized as 'master' to lose weight.

9, brown rice,

brown rice can adjust unsaturated fat, accelerate intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, the brown rice contain dietary fiber with cholesterol, promote cholesterol. Moreover, low glycemic index of brown rice, it is easy to let a person feel full, is helpful to control food intake. Brown rice or natural diuretics, can promote metabolism, eliminate excess nutrients and toxins in the body. 10, asparagus

asparagus is a common often eat vegetables, nutrition value is very high. Asparagus is rich in crude fiber, the unit are low in calories per 100 grams contains 14 calories, can promote metabolism, promote human body heat consumption, is to enhance immunity and burning fat food.
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