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Eat add muscle powder have side effect

by:Shine High     2020-08-28
You know to add muscle powder ingredients are protein and carbohydrates, the main effect is to promote the body protein absorption, achieve better effect of muscles. But for the first time taking gain powder friends worry about whether to have side effect? A, eat flesh powder have side effect? Gain powder in foreign countries has become a FMCG, fitness almost all in use, as we like to eat, after the normal metabolism of human body requires reasonable compensatory nutrition, muscle, too, after training need protein, but to add muscle powder according to the proportion of taking its own weight, volume, edible, will not have any side effects. But in the choose and buy should choose to normal manufacturer, normal brand products and normal channels of authentic product, really don't know how to choose and buy, will go to a mall to buy purple platinum whey protein powder add muscle muscle science and technology, is a muscle do sports nutrition supplements, science and technology professional. 2 it is muscle technology brands has more than 20 years, the quality guaranteed. Three is the purple one mall is a professional health care products sales platform, support cod, 7 days no reason to return, to ensure 100% authentic. ( Enter the buy page) Platinum whey protein powder add muscle by enrichment, separation and combination of three kinds of whey protein hydrolysate, pure nutritional reserves, fast feed after exercise muscle, quickly realize strip with meat, the beauty of build muscle. Suggest another collocation creatine together to eat, creatine can effectively improve muscle strength and endurance of the body, constantly in the process of fitness auxiliary break your limits. Click buy & gt;>> Second, the effect is not obvious why eat add muscle powder many people believe that gain powder ate of muscle, this depends on your own situation. If you have a natural and very thin, and no movement, the effect may be not so obvious. In general, have add muscle powder with fitness effect is obvious. If eat gain powder, the effect is not obvious, plus WeChat ID zy13319584431 consulting nutritionists take adjustment method three, increasing muscular powder increase muscle need to match the increase muscle is the person's name, called abroad powder weight, good weight powder inside mainly contain maltodextrin and content at 30% 40% protein, 2% fat, only the proportion of carbohydrates and protein 2:1 or 2. 5-1 will play its biggest role, to ensure that the increase is muscle. Because protein only in the case of abundant energy in your body can play its biggest gain effect. Four, add muscle powder best take time best time is to take a half hour before exercise, after exercise 30 minutes - Within 1 hour, cooperate with whey protein, with warm boiling water, what to eat many has side effects, have a meal to eat many grow fat. So to scientific edible, not too much. When your consumption and absorption is out, the fat will increase.
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