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Disclosure: take kahn beibei hing card s tea polyphenol capsule

by:Shine High     2020-06-19
Believe everybody knows l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule in helping to reduce weight play an effect is very good, and the fact that beibei hing card is a popular brand, so take kahn beibei hing card s tea polyphenol capsule what need to be aware of the process of the problem? Small make up after understanding that the related content, to do with understanding. First, avoid taking bed because this kind of weight loss products will be a certain degree of influence on the sleep quality, so small make up recommend as far as possible, avoid to take it before I go to bed, but not insomnia or poor sleep may happen, which could make your next day's state of mind is very poor, so suggest don't do it. Second, not taking amino acids in taking kahn beibei xing brand of l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule at the same time, be careful not to have taken a lot of amino acids, because certain reaction will happen, it will make the weight loss products weight loss damage to a great extent, therefore, in order to avoid such cases must pay attention to this problem. Third, kidney disease patients with caution if you have a serious problem of renal dysfunction or be late kidney problems, so, in this case, is not recommended to use it to help you lose weight, because of the fact that beibei hing card s tea polyphenol capsule is not recommended for people with liver or kidney disease take the crowd. Fourth, take in moderation in the actual use it to help improve their fat mass and muscle ability, it is recommended to use a month time, stop using a week after a remission in the body, if you have a lot of it, that is an adult dose of 5 grams per day or more, it can cause diarrhea problems. Above is the fact that beibei hing card s tea polyphenol capsule taking should pay attention to the four aspects of problems, if you want you can correct to help lose weight through it, and will not bring burden to the body, so, when actual use must pay attention to the above four aspects, in addition, during the period of taking attention to filling water.
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