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Correction (total tea polyphenols harm what should notice when taking these

by:Shine High     2020-09-05
Correction (total tea polyphenols itself effect reducing weight is good, everyone will worry about whether it has side effects at the same time, the practice that the reasonable right to take correction (total tea polyphenols, can avoid the harm. First, fixed total tea polyphenols took note of purple gold medal nutritionist warm prompt, take correction (total tea polyphenols tablet please note the following, if you have questions please add WeChat 13319586304 1. Due to the complexity of the extraction process of l-carnitine, the cost is expensive, and if the purity is not high, which may contain a certain amount of dextral carnitine outside of harmful impurities, high purity and good effect, so it is important to note that when choosing l-carnitine. 2. Taking l-carnitine can affect morpheus quality, so don't take l-carnitine before going to sleep in the night. 3. Don't taking l-carnitine on a large number of amino acids, lest affect the absorption of l-carnitine. 4. Severe renal dysfunction and advanced kidney disease ( (ESRD) Patients with caution. L - L-carnitine is not recommended for use in people with liver or kidney disease. 5. If you plan to improve the fat, accelerate metabolism, ability to build muscle, generally recommend you use a month to disable a week after If a large number of taking it An adult 5 grams per day, except AIDS) , is likely to diarrhea. Hot: in 2018, the most popular recognition, effect is the best way to lose weight thin body 6. L-carnitine can lead to increased sweating, while taking to drink water more, generally not less than 2 l, no less than eight glasses. 7. Try to eat less or don't eat foods high in starch and sugar. 8. Female physiology period with caution. Second, reduce weight principle of molecular biology research has proved that fat burning can only be carried out within the cells, mitochondria, and decomposition of fat fatty acid molecules is very difficult to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane, want to let the fat into the mitochondria smoothly, there must be a coenzyme involved, that is carnitine. Carnitine is served for the porter of the fatty acids to the mitochondria. L-carnitine is a class amino acid make fat into energy. Especially suitable for people with aerobic exercise to lose weight. Because muscle movement depends on your body's ability to transform the fatty acids into energy. L-carnitine is to achieve the conversion of amino acids. So l-carnitine is an ideal don't have to go on a diet, no anorexia, fatigue, diarrhea weight loss products. To achieve the ideal level of fat burning, need an ideal meat alkali content in the body balance, but the body's own synthesis of carnitine and from food intake of far cannot satisfy the demand. So must start from the external supplementary carnitine. And correction (total tea polyphenols is a good choice, enter the product page. Only taking l-carnitine is very difficult to lose weight, need to cooperate with a lot of exercise. The effect reducing weight good edible weight loss products than a generation of shake and enzyme, safety and health hazards. And connection weight loss products page couple fu sen thin package, thin package is absolutely the present public feedback effect reducing weight is best products. Hot: generation how to shake effect reducing weight, early to see and know the effect of enzyme and role, hairdressing to raise colour the effect reducing weight reducing weight has been not ideal? With thin on the package, thin! ! !
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