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Correction (total tea polyphenols harm l-carnitine appropriate crowd

by:Shine High     2020-09-05
Online for l-carnitine is very much, we all know that such a product would play a part in losing weight, but some customers for this product is also expressed doubts, fixed l-carnitine what tea polyphenols piece of harm? Today is for everybody to introduce in detail, by the way, could you understand me it principle to lose weight. Fixed piece of hazard l-carnitine l-carnitine tea polyphenols international obesity health organization recognized as the most safe without side effects of weight loss supplements, is harmless to human body, but because in the liver and kidney of the body also can produce, and stored in the heart, brain, muscles, etc, on balance of kidney, are stored in the kidney. So for liver and kidney function weaker person is appropriate, taking side effects even lesions may occur. And normal people take too much, it may appear diarrhea. So small make up recommend before take correction (total tea polyphenols tablet is a good idea to determine their own physical condition and suitable dose, if not clear can consult your doctor or dietitian. If you feel trouble can also click here to consult online directly harm nutritionist '' 's two affect sleep l-carnitine burn fat, provide energy, can also be exciting, like coffee has anti-fatigue effect. So taking l-carnitine often don't suggest use before bedtime, easy to affect the quality of sleep. Click to view the recommended to take time correction (total tea polyphenols ', '' the dangers of l-carnitine l-carnitine (three malnutrition L - Carnitine) Itself can be used as a kind of nutritional additive, but in the process of taking l-carnitine, tend to be less demand for energy, reduce appetite. And l-carnitine weight loss itself needs to cooperate with carbohydrates, to enhance physical fitness, enhance the body's ability to metabolize fat. Such as long-term use of l-carnitine, high consumption and low consumption, can result in malnutrition and make the body function decline. So it's best to pay attention to diet is tie-in, specific collocation method can contact a dietitian, '' correction' s principle of weight loss tea polyphenols piece fat metabolic process should pass a barrier, obstacle is mitochondrial membrane and mitochondria can burn fat, releasing energy, consumed by the body, but the long chain fatty acids pass the obstacles. L-carnitine have played an important role in the porter! The long chain fatty acids handling to block out bit by bit, to the mitochondria, let it further oxidation. L-carnitine is a kind of vehicle, as to how much fat consumption, does not depend on s. It's like the brick building need are vehicles to transport, but how many brick building consumption does not depend on how much the car, but depends on the size and structure of the building. Say simply, if the amount of exercise ( Energy consumption) Is not big, fat consumption is not much, just add s does not increase fat oxidation function, it does not help to reducing weight. In general, Exercise is not very big) , the body to synthesize enough l-carnitine, won't appear the problem of l-carnitine. L-carnitine is not a drug, its role is largely transport fat burning in the mitochondria, is a kind of carrier of enzyme. L-carnitine weight loss, therefore, must cooperate with proper exercise, the 1620 s tea polyphenols users said, don't match movement under the condition of taking more is to maintain, take effect significantly better collocation movement, click to view the user feedback '',' taking effect change s in detail the appropriate crowd 1 tea polyphenol, the need to lose weight thin body of the crowd. 2, want to reduce weight, is afraid to have side effects. 3, don't like a lot of movement of the crowd. 4, have a belly fat man. Understand after correction l-carnitine tea polyphenols piece of harm, we must understand its weight principle, at the same time, it is not everyone is suitable for taking this product, such as those who want to lose weight, but worry about people with side effects can be used, and also don't want to through a lot of movement, this kind of people can use this product.
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