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Correction effect of l-carnitine have how long take effect

by:Shine High     2020-09-05
Era, in the face, look at figure hairdressing, reduce weight to had become the compulsory subject of women, with the birth of the weight loss products, many women have abandoned the previous exercise to lose weight method, and USES the diet pills to lose weight, especially in recent years sales lead correction card l-carnitine, then the weight loss products have the effect really? Whether to have side effect to human body? 1. Correction formula of the l-carnitine l-carnitine l-carnitine is the main component and tea polyphenols and lotus leaf extract, and l-carnitine can promote adipose to mitochondria oxidative decomposition of oral l-carnitine can also improve muscle tolerance, ease tension and fatigue, and exercise and tea polyphenols can effectively inhibit fat cell proliferation, differentiation, and inhibiting intracellular lipid accumulation, can also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, to achieve the effect of weight loss, and the lotus leaf extract, can effectively inhibit cell proliferation, regulating lipid metabolism disorder, has a lipid-lowering effect reducing weight. 2. Correction effectiveness so l-carnitine l-carnitine really can have the effect of weight loss? After many years used for correction of l-carnitine, research shows that a lot of people said the correction of l-carnitine has the effect of weight loss, but also has a lot of people said that used a modified l-carnitine is useless, there are many reasons that cause this condition, such as individual constitution is different, diet is not harmonious, irregular work and rest, time to eat can cause different effect, so want to achieve the effect of thin body, must hold to, or is difficult to achieve the effect. 3. Correction method in front of the movement of l-carnitine, can supplement l-carnitine and at the same time pay attention to exercise more, using fat oxidation, can achieve the effect that reduce weight, can absorb some protein intake after the movement, such not only can effectively reduce weight, also can improve the ability of the body's metabolism, make the body more burning 150 - daily The quantity of heat of 200 kilocalorie, half an hour before exercise is taking 2 slices, take two tablets before lunch, if think tablet is too big, can break to eat, will not affect effect, because l-carnitine can promote the metabolism of fat powder hot combustion, will consume too much water in the body, so everybody during the medication, drink more boiled water. Correction, according to study the effect of l-carnitine is to reduce weight, but to achieve the ideal effect, during the medication, also want right amount exercise, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, diet pills can only play an auxiliary role, to achieve the best effect, own insisted that can't be less.
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