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Can add muscle powder after practicing after dinner drink? This is the correct way of taking the gain powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-12
Add muscle powder for the fitness person, is a kind of very good, is also very important nutritional supplements, after their high strength increase muscle training, to add enough carbohydrate and protein to maintain normal operation, but in the process of taking gain powder we also must pay attention to add muscle powder, what is the optimum time of use. Add muscle powder, there are three stages of the best time to take the body's absorption of nutrients gold stage, after the training, after getting up, and grasp the three stages before bed, so in the process of nutritional supplements, the effect will be obviously increased, especially for those who need to increase the muscle or increase the weight of the thin man, it is very important to get the way of taking. Normally, after training for the nutrition is highest, is also the most easily absorbed at this moment, the human body, after eight hours of sleep a night without eating, so after getting up in the morning is also very need to supply nutrients, and the process of sleep, growth hormone secretion peak, and leads to the limit of protein synthesis, so compensatory nutrition before bed is also very ideal for some skinny, especially after the training, or after getting up, the two time consume energy-dense foods, to a large number of stimulating insulin secretion, insulin is the carbohydrate and protein to the muscle cells of storage, so you can pay more attention to cooperate of carbohydrates and whey protein, a is undoubtedly the best choice of skinny, and within 20 minutes after exercise and breakfast in the morning during these two periods is undoubtedly gain the best use of time. Increase muscle powder method usually used are mix with the warm boiling water, then you can take the, here it is important to note that the water temperature can't is too high, otherwise easy to agglomerate, destroy the protein nutrition, of course, someone in the fruit juice, or other drinks, there are also in other foods, clothing is the most appropriate, but the lukewarm water to avoid because of other substances because of unknown factors influence the absorption of proteins. Through this article, I believe that everyone has the best take time to add muscle powder also, of course, in the process of buying a, also can consult a physician or dietitian, let them according to the actual circumstance of your body to provide a better use of time and plan.
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