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【 Buying guide. 】 2017 - Add muscle powder 2018 top reputation results were announced

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Add muscle powder, as the name suggests it can increase muscle, generally need to cooperate with exercise can add muscle powder the biggest effect, the promotion by most of the gym. Purple a mall as a domestic professional health service platform, 4 years to the introduction of more than 10 famous gain powder brands at home and abroad, so far has accumulated nearly 400000 add muscle powder customer data, accumulative total sales of more than 100 bottles of gain powder. Below small make up the main - from 2017 Products in 2018 after buying rate, price and sales scale tell you add muscle powder which brand is good. TOP1: health bit whey protein powder add muscle - — Big brands + high quality whey protein online health bit has been the no. 1 sales list, the main benefit their offline gym awareness and their high quality; Its protein content as high as 75%, less than 2% fat content, in helping to gain fitness at the same time will not make people fat; At the same time it also contains isinglass original protein, can promote protein absorption, protect joints, avoid sports injury; Whey protein powder add muscle online health bit 3 years accumulative total nearly 200000 customers, 80% customer feedback to add muscle has a good effect, high praise rate is as high as 92%, is a worthy of choice products. Click view 3951 real comments add sports nutritionists WeChat 13319583284 May obtain a free fitness plan recommended index: u u u u u price: 218 yuan / 2 pot 1 cycle time promotion: buy 2 cans minus 40 yuan ranked by direct link: muscle technology Bai Jinchun creatine powder - — The United States imported raw materials this money belongs to 100% pure creatine powder, the United States imported, is different from the ordinary whey protein, creatine powder to increase muscle strength at the same time, also can promote the growth of new muscle, muscle power, especially suitable for fitness crowd; Muscle technology brands both at home and abroad enjoy a certain reputation, in the United States imported brand production standards of the United States, the relative domestic higher standards, is a high quality product. Click to view its ingredients recommended index: u u u u price: RMB 158 / bottle direct link TOP3: tomson times nutrilite whey protein powder - — Raw materials imported from New Zealand tomson times for listed companies, have guaranteed quality and brand, to take New Zealand imported raw materials, no artificial feed and and push long hormone, milk is also high in protein, can greatly satisfy the needs of fitness crowd; At the same time, it can only 268 yuan, 1368 g content in the domestic and foreign brands are a high cost performance, suitable for fitness selection for a long time. Click to view recommended index: u u u u price: RMB 268 / bottle of direct links above is small make up is combined with a purple mall 2017 data of the conclusions, the hope can give still in stray you some reference and add muscle powder is very necessary for fitness crowd, choose a suitable gain powder can make you get twice the result with half the effort!
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