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Beauty, increase muscle powder side effects reveal beauty, increase muscle side effects

by:Shine High     2020-04-30
With the development of the society, more and more people pursue health, began to undertake a variety of exercise, muscle man rise is also illustrates the problem. In order to achieve muscle man, a lot of people are taking beauty, increase muscle powder, beauty, increase muscle powder can effectively help the muscle of rapid growth, the effect of enhancing muscle. Every coin has two sides, so, the side effects of beauty, increase muscle powder what? Cause stomach upset, indigestion due to excessive consumption will not only gastrointestinal distress and poor digestion and absorption, but also can make the serotonin levels in the body is too high, inhibit capillary blood flow velocity, especially the brain is easy to cause sleepiness. The best time is half an hour before exercise to take, 1 - after exercise Within 2 hours, right amount with whey protein, with warm boiling water, what to eat many has side effects, have a meal to eat many grow fat. So must be scientific, don't be too much. When your consumption and absorption is out, fat can increase slowly. Add muscle powder, the influence of side effects on the liver in patients with liver disease because of liver protein processing, using the obstacle, should be appropriate to increase the protein intake. But for the patients with hepatic coma, cirrhosis of the liver terminal, supply too many protein will increase the burden of the liver, exacerbating the illness, so animal protein should be limited. And because of its metabolism will produce a large amount of ammonia in the body, so as to induce or aggravate hepatic coma, so these patients can choose to plant protein rich in branched chain amino acids, especially soybean protein. Because of the branched chain amino acids are the main metabolism in muscle, of having the effect that protect liver function. Gain powder side effects on patients with gout gout patient carefully choose to eat with soy protein powder as the main composition of muscle. Because of purines in soybean, can cause increased uric acid in the body, cause or aggravate the gout. But there are some brands of soybean increased muscle powder through the special processing does not contain purine, need to see its ingredients. Philosophy, see a problem, want to split in two. Beauty, although gain powder can effectively enhance the body's muscles, but we can't ignore the side effects of it. So we eat in beauty, increase muscle powder at the same time, it is important to note that its food taboos, must not careless, otherwise it will cause the consequences of not worth.
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