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Attention should be paid to what eat add muscle powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-27
Now many people in the gym friends tend to gain powder, especially young people, a lot of men is more thin, is want to increase muscle powder to add muscle effect, but is not actually gain powder can increase muscle effect. Small make up today to talk to you, eat add muscle powder should pay attention to what.       Eat add muscle powder should pay attention to what? In fact, increase muscle powder is not suitable for all fitness. Fitness increased muscle lovers are three: lean type, muscle and fueling, add muscle powder is suitable for before two kinds. Add muscle powder commonly used in daily calories and protein intake is insufficient, for fueling calorie intake is on the high side at ordinary times, need not use add muscle powder, and should change with whey protein powder to achieve the purpose of gain, appropriately increase reduced fat composition. Fitness increased muscle & # 160;     Primary fitness person tends to be thinner type of people, and is unlikely to match and exercise the carbohydrate and protein diet, matching the often inadequate in both, so add muscle powder is worry the optimal choice. Compared to protein powder, add muscle powder cheap carbohydrates in the diet are more likely to get. But when you didn't pass to absorb a large number of nutrition and exercise to take advantage of it, the body can't use will turn into fat pile up. Actually proper carbohydrate intake can be caused by training catabolism state ( Decomposition of muscle power) Into a synthetic metabolic state ( Increased muscle volume) , so fitness increased muscle carbohydrates in people daily meal nutrition should be accounted for 60% 65%, actually our staple food ( M and) Composition is mainly a kind of carbohydrates. When using gain powder, as long as to calculate the heat demand itself, ensure the intake of carbohydrates in a reasonable scope, can guarantee the enough quantity of heat, add muscle carbohydrates into full play important role in the increase muscle and no increase in body fat. Instead no carbohydrate energy supplement in time, increase muscle effect is compromised.       Above to introduce you to eat to add muscle powder which should be paid more attention to, add muscle powder is not for everyone, not eat can increase muscle. Taking add muscle to fit exercise at the same time, but also to reasonable consumption, can have a good effect.
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