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Ate to add muscle powder add muscle to the harm of renal correct method

by:Shine High     2020-08-31
Many men want to have a suit flexed his muscles, such not only can allow themselves to be more of a man, still can obtain more members of the opposite sex, add muscle powder has very good efficacy in help men build muscle, but some people can not help but doubt, taking the supplement can cause damage to the kidney? Let's listen to the experts is how to say. 1. Ate powder add muscle damage to kidney add WeChat ID: 13319586304, and has gain powder purchase consumers communicate its harm. Increase muscle powder is a kind of protein supplement, and it can promote the body protein synthesis, for those who want to fat into muscle in the body for men and women are applicable. The source of the supplement is very natural, taken correctly is not cause side effects to the body, so men after taking it wouldn't be a burden to the kidney. But to no burden no harm is the premise of normal products with quality guarantee. Now add muscle powder on the market, selling good are: 1) Domestic health bit of whey protein powder add muscle, containing 75% protein, high fat content of less than 2%. Its 750 g a barrel is priced at 218 yuan, buy 2 barrels can offer 40 yuan. ( To view this product) 2) The muscles of the foreign technology Bai Jinzeng powder, pure and energy 1010 kilocalorie, 184 g of pure carbon water formula, low fat, low sodium. The three pounds of sells for 299 yuan. ( To view this product) 2. Increase muscle powder taking right time after a night after a long sleep, the morning is in a state of a very hungry, this time of the intake of nutrients to the body to absorb it maximum; When we are in the right amount of exercise, the body's energy is consumed, basic demand for nutrients is very strong at this time, so in the morning and after the exercise is edible gain powder of prime time. 3. Increase muscle powder method increase muscle powder method is very simple, only need to put it in boiling water for brewing can drink, but it is worth noting that high temperature will deprive the protein activity, nutritional value will also be affected, so at the time of preparing the supplement can't choose just boiled water, but should use warm boiled water. If you want a good warriors muscle must satisfy three conditions at the same time, energy, protein and anabolic nutrients, these three conditions complement each other, be short of one cannot, so some lazy man delusion not through exercise, only by taking gain powder can reach the purpose of grow muscle, so it is absolutely impossible, only with proper exercise, also can achieve the desired effect.
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