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Ancient Nutrition create a new category of bone soup protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-09-09
Ancient Nutrition brands will be the rapid development of the bone soup products introduced a new direction, it will be this kind of product into has been accepted and will be a great success in the field of protein powder, create the versatility of the bone soup protein powder. The company's powder bone soup protein series launched in May, for consumers in fresh, frozen and shelf stability in the store can't find like find liquid bone soup powder bone soup protein provides a simple and convenient. Ancient Nutrition bone soup protein powder can be directly added to the soup, not only it can also be baked into 'healthy sweets' with other ingredients, or made into protein snacks, can be in the form of liquid cannot easily be added to the ice in the sand. According to the company, the bone soup protein powder are easier to carry than large bags or boxes of broth, make consumers in the gym, on a plane, or the office can be in the shaking screen to add a spoonful of water or other liquid. This versatility and convenience than liquid alternatives more directly meet the consumer demand, in a wide range of today's claims and from their own name reflects the 'by offering modern history's most all the food nutrition, health, strength, and vitality' to restore our health mission. Protein & with collagen, the company is committed to the health benefits of bone soup protein powder, points out that each containing 20 grams of protein, Ancient Nutrition claims that this protein than many other sell protein powder easier to digest. In marketing materials, Ancient Nutrition explains: 'for many, protein powder is difficult to digest. For those people who are allergic to dairy products or eggs, whey, casein and ovalbumin cause digestive and other issues, such as brown rice and pea protein can for those who cannot digest grains and legumes produce this effect. In addition to protein, product is claimed higher levels of type 2 collagen, to support the gut and the skin health and immune system. According to the marketing materials, and it also contains a variety of essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, glycosaminoglycan, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin, etc. A substitute for cheaper than liquid bone soup this product is also likely to attract those who want to have a healthy diet, and costs about half the price of liquid bone soup, the modern consumers have a healthy bank account at the same time. , according to the company at a farmers' market and retail store sales of liquid bone soup, on average, each priced at 5. 50 us dollars, by contrast, each Ancient Nutrition products only 2. $25. May launch at the core of the protein powder series including plain, chocolate, vanilla, turmeric, Greens, alkaline, coffee, cinnamon apple and banana cream eight flavors. A spokesman for the company in December in Florida's SOHO world expo, said the company is launching 16 new products, is suitable for fitness, meal, training before the meal, health, and different categories, such as heat. And he said, as the core series, the new product will be no artificial ingredients, genetically modified organisms, gluten, milk, soy, grains and nuts will be added to the company in March to provide a complete organic series.
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