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Aiming at new mother crowd, Sweetie Pie pushed a series of functional food assistance comfort during pregnancy and lactation

by:Shine High     2020-03-27
Using food and drink instead of supplements to promote lactation is a relatively new trend in pregnancy and breastfeeding is not easy to understand, Sweetie Pie Organics companies are raising money to expand its functional products production and sales, the products will help the pregnant mother and the new mother alleviate morning sickness, promote the secretion of milk, supply nutrients required for support baby's development. In early October, the company's co-founder Liliana Cantrell bid for an industry conference in New York, said & other; Our goal is to make women more easily during pregnancy and lactation. Many women want to breastfeed, but they can be hard to continue to produce enough milk for children 6 to 12 months after birth. ” At present, the company through three series products provide the most complete solution on the market, including: lactation milk shake, 哺乳期奶昔) , lactation nutrition bars, 哺乳期Bar) , and can relieve prenatal jelly snack of morning sickness, 恶心怀孕滴) 。 ” 1 main products: Sweetie Pie Organics ready-to-drink milk shake Sweetie Pie Organics ready-to-drink milk shake is the company's flagship product, is a breastfeeding mothers first delicious shake drink, help to promote breast-feeding mother lactation. The product contains a key to promote lactation herbal & ndash; Fenugreek ( A south Asian leguminous plants) , contain natural prolactin, is proved to be the most effective for centuries galactagogue one of active ingredients. In addition, the product also contains rich & omega; - - - - - - 3 fatty acids of flax seed, contribute to baby's eyes and brain development, at the same time, flax seed is also good to promote baby bone calcium and phosphorus sources. A mixture of pear, apple and passion fruit can also be added, to give and delicious flavor. In addition to the compensatory nutrition, has also help supplement daily fluid consumption, thereby promoting lactation quantity increase. All products use natural clean organic material, non-gmo, no gluten, kosher standard, only contains 180 kilocalorie quantity of heat, no added sugar and artificial flavors. Recommended daily drink no more than two bottles, 1 week a course of treatment, usually 24 - after drinking 48 hours of work. Currently, 11 per package. 1 ounce, package the 19th. $32. 2 lactation nutrition bar and relieve nausea and vomiting jelly snacks in addition to shake, the company also introduced a lactation nutrition bar, with chocolate brownie and oatmeal raisin flavors. The nutrition bar contains OTA fatty acids and Omega fatty acids, high level of fiber, 6 g protein, which are beneficial to the breastfeeding, and claims that have the effect of promoting lactation, and does not contain sugar and unnecessary quantity of heat, and this may be the shortcoming of many lactation biscuits on the market at present. At present, the 6 pack at 19. 85 dollars. Third largest products is a fudge snacks can be quick to relieve nausea, main component is 40 mg vitamin B6 and ginger active substances, these two components is very effective to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and vitamin B6 helps to continue work. The product ingredients are all natural source, do not contain drugs, packing compact, convenient and applicable to the morning morning sickness and nausea. Every package of 3 oz package for 23. 88 dollars. Sweetie Pie Organics company pays attention to organic and non-gmo, sustainability and the natural process, committed to providing the most pure and high quality products, so all products are natural sources, good flavor, packaging is convenient, very suitable for as a snack or meal to eat daily. 3 highly fragmented market is the leader of the mainstream of access to food and drink instead of supplements to promote lactation is a relatively new trend, so & other; There are a lot of unmet needs & throughout; 。 At present, mainly some new small brands, the market is highly fragmented. Cantrell, said Sweetie Pie Organics as the pioneer of the new lactation support products, positioning accuracy, in the current highly fragmented occupies a large share of the market, has great potential to become the mainstream brands. , she thinks, infant food market is dominated by a few big brands, but breastfeeding, the market is in rapid growth, new mothers are willing to try different brands, and effective until they find like that one. When mothers found their own brands, they often become loyal users. Sweetie Pie Organics company 20% of customers are heavy users, this means that during the period of exclusive breastfeeding, they drank one to two bottles of milk shake, and the other mother is in the lack of lactation, lack of water or a host of other problems, will use the product. 4 by mothers mouth because it is a new category, Sweetie Pie Organics company is by introducing mother brand ambassador program ( 妈妈品牌大使项目) Active contact new mother users. This project is to actually use the product's mother in their social networks or social media recommend products to other mothers. In addition, the brand also cooperate with lactation consultant, medical service provider, and where possible, provide free products to hospitals, including to provide new mother gift bags. With the improvement of brand awareness, the company is expanding its distribution channel, have CVS and drug retailers, walmart, Buy Buy Baby, whole foods and Wegmans cooperation is established. In order to fully support these channels, and continue to develop new mother and potential consumers, Sweetie Pie Organics company is currently in the first round of financing. Cantrell said, with the help of the investors, she believes in the next two to three years, Sweetie Pie Organics will be able to provide complete lactation and morning sickness for my mother solution. In addition, the brand and a few other products in development, they are committed to make in the first years after the pregnancy and birth mother more easily.
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