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Add muscle, weight gain and the difference of muscle powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-18
May have heard of gain powder, everyone know to add muscle powder is used to add muscle. But now there are weight, rippling muscles, a lot of people don't know, add muscle, weight gain and rippling muscles powder is a kind of things? Small make up today as you say, add muscle, weight gain and rippling muscles powder what are the difference between, let people know more about them.       Many people know about the role of gain powder, know to add muscle powder for the importance of fitness, but there are still many aspects don't know, a lot of friends have such problems: see add muscle, weight gain and rippling muscles powder, what is the difference between them? The healthy muscle powder & # 160;     Add muscle, weight gain and what is the difference between the healthy muscle powder & # 160;     In general, the fitness of protein powder used for protein content should at least more than 70%, if not you should not refer to the protein powder. But the market is very messy, and some like to let you confused, with a less known and inferior brand because of the low protein content of course the cost would be much lower, so the low protein powder is more need to be aware of him enough unqualified called protein powder. Also need to pay attention to fitness with protein powder is the main ingredient is refers to the whey protein, rather than health care products market now with the more soy protein ( Relatively cheap) 。       Weight gain, increased muscle and rippling muscles powder etc. This kind of weight rippling muscles series products, used to be general called gain powder, the protein content of them no high protein powder. Main ingredients are whey protein and carbohydrate relatively cheap after a certain proportion of the deployment, then add some very beneficial to the human body essential amino acids and vitamins and minerals, some even contain creatine supplements, etc. Can add muscle image understanding, therefore, powder products are different degree of dilution of protein powder. Because is rich in rapid absorption of carbohydrate, belongs to a kind of high quantity of heat food.       Add muscle powder products no matter how much it is the name of the manufacturer as well and stimulate your eye prefix: what 'weight champion', what 'big MAC add muscle,' what 'muscle bombing package' and so on all can't change the basic fact that the main are maltodextrin and whey protein as raw materials. Their English names come from the 'Weight gainer' and 'solid mass' and 'lean mass en - 肌肉拱腰”、“提供者”、“肌肉”获得者等。 And weight powder, add muscle powder and rippling muscles, mostly their Chinese name or name of manufacturer, for the average fitness enthusiasts are customarily call add muscle powder.       Weight gain, increased muscle and rippling muscles powder, actually, there is no strict definition of the difference between all three names. But most think protein content at about 15% for weight gain powder; About 30% of the powder to gain quality weight; The rippling muscles powder protein content is higher, rippling muscles powder protein content is more than 50%. So this is also add muscle powder products produce the root cause of the gap, after all, compared with whey protein, provide energy carbohydrate more economy, and most easily obtained from the diet, in fact, we eat the staple food is in fact the main component of carbohydrates.
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