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Add muscle to eat what increase muscle like to eat

by:Shine High     2020-08-19
For fitness novice, want to rapid growth of muscle, small make up recommend eating gain powder. Add muscle to eat what, increase muscle to eat. To understand the component of muscles, we can better supply nutrients required for growth of muscle, this requests us to change eating habits, if you want to be more convenient, then eating directly add muscle powder.     1, add enough heat energy in human body, and a variety of activities to sustain life, all need to consume a certain heat energy. Bodybuilding training more from the supply of energy. When the power is derived from the energy of muscle contraction, fitness training, especially in skeletal muscle in the human body consumption of energy increase greatly. Muscle growth is need plenty of calories, because each additional 0, 45 kg, About 1 lb) Muscle, the body takes about the quantity of heat of 2500 kilocalorie. In order to promote muscle growth, calorie intake must reach more than 50 kcal/kg body weight/day. 70 kilograms of men, for example, total calories should reach 3500 kcal/day, enough calories to satisfy muscle growth. Add muscle to add 2, carbohydrate supplement sufficient carbohydrates bodybuilding training when energy is mainly provided by the glycogen. Is the most effective way to replace glycogen, in training or competition before or at the breakfast eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, prepare for training to provide enough energy. In order to get a good training effect, but also must pay attention to in sports before, during and after supplement sports drinks health drink. In addition, the training after the meal also vital for bodybuilding. Proper carbohydrate intake can be trained to develop the muscles of the decomposition of synthesis of state power to increase muscle mass. Don't just simple carbohydrate intake, because they can be quickly digest, and insulin secretion peak soon and quickly fall, which reduces the blood sugar. Its side effect is to stimulate cause terrible catabolism, because the body to prevent the rapid decline in insulin levels, will be another hormone secreted - — Glucagon, this hormone can lead to catabolism, destruction of muscle tissue. So the proper way to replenish carbohydrate should be: meals a day should complement staples such as rice, steamed bread, meat before training can arrange oatmeal, bananas, should be timely supplement enough in the process of sports fitness drink sports drinks such as to guarantee enough energy for the growth of muscles and stable level of insulin secretion, reduce muscle which caused by insufficient supply of sugar in the training of decomposition. 3, the supplement of high-quality protein raw material fitness training is caused by 'overload' 'super compensation' so that an increase in muscle enlargement. To achieve 'overload' must have enough energy sources, and achieve the 'super compensation' and must have a rich restorative materials. Bodybuilding recommended protein intake for 1, 2, 6 ~ 0 g/kg/day. Whey protein is the best source of protein found in muscle growth, it not only contains rich amino acid, protein and amino acid composition of its appropriate than other more easily by human body use, formed its own muscle protein. High quality whey protein is rich in branched chain amino acids, can better promote muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown. At the same time, high-end whey protein products such as protein added protein content in the matrix, can greatly improve the biological activity of whey protein, promote absorption of whey protein in muscle cells. 4, add enough water to water and salt balance the body's metabolism is strong, in the summer sweat can discharge toxins in the body, releasing heat, is conducive to human health. The passive sweating ( Due to the hot weather, the mood be agitated form of sweat) But, adverse to human body, if poor body condition, the sweat will cause certain harm to human body. Perspire actively is the body movement of the sweat, is to maintain the body temperature, heat and flowing, beneficial to health of body and mind. After sweating, must keep hydrated and inorganic salt. Accurate filling water method depending on the different exercise intensity, but must pay attention to the small mouth slowly drink, water temperature not too low, light salt water or drink contain the human body required for a variety of minerals and vitamins sports drink, but don't self-assertion drugs contain certain minerals and vitamins, lest cause side effects. This is done to try to keep the balance of the environment inside the body, make the movement of fat burning can give full play to the role. 5, edible gain powder consumption increase muscle can well solve the dietary daily life substandard energy intake. Add muscle powder contains mainly protein is the key to muscle growth and damaged after repair, mixed with trace is the body of vitamins and other organs, organizations, the normal operation of the indispensable element. Add muscle powder taking convenient, no restrictions, taste good, too, and there are a variety of flavors.
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