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Add muscle powder when to eat best

by:Shine High     2020-08-16
Add muscle powder for the fitness is an important nutritional supplements, in our high strength increase muscle training need sufficient carbohydrate and protein to maintain. However, add muscle powder has its best use of time, increase muscle powder when eat best? Add muscle powder is especially suitable for thin type of fitness training group, and his formula is carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, sugar, essential amino acids, and other minerals, mainly is composed of carbohydrate and protein ratio is 2:1. But gain powder on the method of use, dosage and time must be scientific and reasonable, if use undeserved, the wasted effort. Add muscle powder when to eat the best gain the best use of time: three nutrients absorption during prime time. After the training, after getting up, and before bed. Grasp the three period of time, you will greatly improve the nutrition support level. Especially for thin man need to gain weight, is particularly important. After training on the nutrition, the highest at this time also the most easily absorbed; Human body after eight hours of sleep, one night without eating, so the morning after getting up is also very need nutrients; And sleep in the process of growth hormone secretion peak and leads to the limit of protein synthesis, so compensatory nutrition is also very ideal before bed. For thin man, especially in the training and after wake up, the two time can consume energy-dense foods stimulate insulin secretion, a lot of insulin have to carbohydrates and protein to the effect of the stored inside muscle cells. So you should pay close attention to the synergy of carbohydrates and whey protein, add muscle powder is undoubtedly the best choice of skinny, and within 20 minutes after exercise and breakfast in the morning during these two periods is undoubtedly gain added dust the best time.
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