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Add muscle powder what misunderstanding

by:Shine High     2020-08-06
Now a lot of people to add muscle powder misunderstandings, whether it's effect on, or usage. Because people feel about a product the most intuitive is first name, so for a lot of friends to add the effect of the muscle powder is growing muscle, I recently to long muscle, then eat a little bit more gain powder, the result is no effect at all. 1, add muscle powder to eat many will get fat intake actually appropriate training in carbohydrates can be caused by the decomposition generation thank state ( Decomposition of muscle power) Into a synthetic metabolic state ( Increased muscle volume) Strong and handsome, so add muscle groups in daily meal nutrition carbohydrates should be accounted for 60% 65%. When using gain powder, as long as to calculate the heat demand itself, ensure the intake of carbohydrates in the recommended range, can guarantee the enough quantity of heat, add muscle carbohydrates into full play important role in the increase muscle and no increase in body fat. Eat to add muscle powder need to match the movement 2, add muscle ate can increase muscle increase muscle powder is a kind of promote recovery after exercise and nutrition supplement of muscle growth. But, if you want to make the powder best gain effect, should also develop scientific and reasonable training plan and dietary nutrition program. Proved that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will greatly improve the effect of training, and optional unscientific use will not work. 3, add muscle powder is suitable for all the groups in bodybuilding training can be divided into three kinds: angular type, strong type and fueling. Increase muscle powder is suitable for before 2 kinds, increase muscle powder is usually used for everyday people don't take enough calorie and protein, if calorie intake is on the high side at ordinary times, is the need for increase muscle powder, and should change with whey protein and creatine, appropriately increase reduced fat composition. 4, eat more add muscle powder effect will be better even you competitive and no economic trouble, also do not want to rapid weight gain and muscle in a short period of time and excessive consumption increase muscle powder. Because not only can manage to eat stomach upset and bad digestion and absorption, but also can make high serotonin levels in the body, inhibit capillary blood flow velocity, especially the brain, easy to cause sleepiness.
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