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Add muscle powder, what is the difference between platinum and purple when using never made a mistake

by:Shine High     2020-07-31
Gain powder is a lot of people know that the muscular generated products, in some major health mall and drug stores have sales, some people at the time of purchase gain powder will find there are two different packaging, and the sales price is the same, want to know what they themselves have difference, is only the above different packaging? Add muscle powder, what is the difference between platinum and purple? A, what is the difference between platinum and purple add muscle powder 1, purple product called Muscletech muscle gain powder science and technology, the white products called Muscletech muscle technology platinum casein powder fitness increase muscle slow-release whey protein powder. The purple products of fat, calories, and energy is much higher than the white products, can be inside muscle generation process provides nutrients, have the effect of accelerating muscle growth and effect. 2, however, purple product is suitable for thin type or forced people to use, not suitable for obese people to use, because it contains more calories and fat, eat it will appear more and more strong; White product quantity of heat low, fat and carbohydrate content is relatively small, suitable for obese people after exercise. Second, add muscle powder should eat how to add muscle way is very simple, can consider to half an hour after the movement with boiled water use can be directly, also can add muscle powder into the food or drink to eat. It is important to note that long-term use of easy to add muscle powder kidney burden of, general advice after taking a course of treatment need to suspend the use of a month, of course, the process of training inside or need to stick to it. In addition also can appear not used too much, just use add muscle powder doesn't let you have the muscle, so the sports is indispensable. From what has been discussed above, we can know that gain powder white gold and purple is not only in the packaging above have differences, itself contains nutrients than column also has a certain difference, in the use of the above have more targeted, so a friend in need can combine their own actual situation to choose.
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