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Add muscle powder, what are the side effects

by:Shine High     2020-08-13
For a long time, many friends want to lean to change by fitness emaciated figure, but because the cause of the angular when choosing supplements generally choose to add muscle powder. Have side effects, but heard that add muscle powder on the kidney is not good, so dare not to eat, then add muscle powder is there side effect? First of all, gain powder ingredients: carbohydrates, protein, vitamin and sugar essential amino acids, and other minerals, a heat gain powder is usually more than 600 calories, some gain powder heat even in more than 1000 calories, mostly carbohydrate and protein is the ratio of 2:1. That is to say, add muscle powder is mainly concentrated in extraction of protein and carbohydrate and other nutrients. What we gain powder side effects the human body needs carbohydrates for energy, muscle growth need plenty of protein and energy. And other nutritional elements. As well as the principle of protein powder, we can't every day to eat 300 grams of carbohydrates a dozen jins food. Impossible to light a few jins of milk 100 grams of protein. So scientists concentrated extract by scientific method. Gain large amounts of carbohydrates in powder provides a high quality thin people gain a lot of energy absorbed by the body easily, and don't have to worry about eating a lot of food doesn't digest, absorb bad. Afraid of you eat not fat. Had energy, to have the muscle growth nutrients and high quality training, can achieve a goal. In the strict scientific gain powder daily intake ( Protein in the general population 1 grams per day/per kilogram of body weight; Fitness crowd 1 a day. 5 - 2 g/didn't have a kilogram of body weight) , add muscle powder is without any side effects, it is the most suitable for thin people gain weight is chosen. So, many brand gain powder product description on the usage of 50 grams, or 100 grams, the quantity is very little. Take 100 grams of powder add muscle, contains 30 - only commonly 40 grams of protein, and the rest is carbohydrate and other nutrients. The normal adults ( The fitness crowd, according to the 70 kg of creatine) , need protein for 70 grams per day. Even if consume 100 grams of powder add muscle ( About 30 - 40 grams of protein) , there are 40 grams of protein intake from the diet is needed to meet the daily life activities required. So you don't panic to add muscle powder itself. It is a kind of common dietary supplements, reasonable and correct intake is there is no harm to the body.
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