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Add muscle powder have any side effects increase muscle is not suitable for the crowd

by:Shine High     2020-08-03
Add muscle powder is will eat a lot of friends in daily exercise, can help us to muscle growth, so as to achieve better plasticity, many people would think that gain powder has such a big effect, can help the muscle growth will also will produce bad effect on people's health? Will there be a lot of potential side effects? Add muscle powder 1 no side effects. Add muscle powder if it is in accordance with the proportion of taking its own weight, will not have any side effects, also need not worry about kidney pressure. 2. Add muscle powder is a person's name in a foreign country is called weight powder, waiting for the weight of powder inside mainly contain maltodextrin and content in 30% 40% protein, 2% fat, only in a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate and protein or 2. 5-1 will play its biggest role, to ensure that the increase is muscle. Because protein only in the case of abundant energy in your body can play its biggest gain effect, so the science of edible, not too much is no side effects. Who is not suitable for taking gain 1. Patients with liver disease due to liver problems to the processing, the use of protein, shall be appropriately increased protein intake. But for the patients with hepatic coma, cirrhosis of the liver terminal, supply too many protein will increase liver burden, intensified condition, should limit animal protein. 2. The newborn is unfavorable edible protein powder, they should choose protein content in 10% - — 20% of the milk powder. 3. Gout patient carefully choose edible soybean protein as main ingredients of protein powder. Because of purine in soybeans, can cause increased uric acid in the body, contributed to or aggravated by gout. But there are some brands of soy protein powder through the special processing, such as the remains? Kang soyabean protein powder does not contain purine. 4. Friends with gastroenteritis disease is not recommended to add muscle powder. Because of gastroenteritis occurs, intestines and stomach activities, this cause you to run. Add muscle powder is contains a lot of protein. This is difficult to digest, so will stimulate your intestines and stomach to produce large amounts of protease, at the same time, make one more severe gastrointestinal movement to mix food in order to accelerate digestion. So people with gastroenteritis eat add muscle powder will have loose bowels to pull more severe. Believe that everyone has to finish add muscle powder have relatively understanding, in such a s food safety are a problem, what do we eat is to consider the impact on the body, increase muscle powder is a kind of pure fitness side dish, very healthy won't have any side effects, so you can rest assured of edible, but also should pay attention to, are not suitable for taking people also do not want to take, avoid to cause more harm to the body.
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