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Add muscle powder good absorption, please eat add muscle after motion effect is better

by:Shine High     2020-08-07
Add muscle powder is one of the people in the process of the growth of muscle need nutrition health products, especially in the right time, can make muscle growth speed of high speed increase, thus rapid change a person's body. Some people before buying gain powder, may be more concerned about the problem of the effect of also worry that the body to the absorption effect of gain powder, then add muscle powder absorption? A, good absorption, increase muscle gain powder powder contains whey protein is the main ingredient, and increase the muscle of different powder contains other ingredients proportion will exist the bigger differences, including carbohydrates, contains higher energy. Actually gain powder composition is body is very easy to absorb, especially in just after the training, the body to add muscle powder inside effective component for quantity is large, at this time have the effect of gain powder is the best, the effect of other time eat to add muscle powder is some, such as at the time of wake up before you go to sleep and eat to add muscle powder effect is good. Second, add muscle powder is suitable for people who eat a lot of people to add muscle powder has the wrong understanding, some people think gain powder is suitable for all the friends just fitness, also some people think that gain powder is not suitable for high level of exercisers. Actually increase muscle powder inside contain carbohydrates, contains quantity of heat is rich, so add muscle powder generally suitable for insufficient calories friend use at ordinary times, appropriate crowd generally include the use thin type and muscle type person. Need to be aware of is to add muscle powder after taking a course of treatment, to suspend the use time of a month, otherwise it will bring great burden of kidney. From what has been discussed above, we can know that gain powder is a human body is very good absorption of a product, but add muscle powder is not a fool type products, is not you eat add muscle powder can have the effect of increased muscle, also have to cooperate with professional training and reasonable diet plan, also need people to hold on to see the effect.
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