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Add muscle powder effects of several factors affect fertility

by:Shine High     2020-08-14
After the summer, like a small make up the body obese people, body flesh, to early to join the team to lose weight. And there is a group of thin and small make up opposite ribs, a shelf full of people are worried how to look at the body strong, beautiful and harmonious? Walked into the gym, a lot of fitness coaches will give your body emaciated people recommend eating gain powder, then what is it? Long-term consumption of gain powder effect on the fertility of men and women have? Below small make up for your answer. 1, increase the role of muscle powder, and applicable people when it comes to add muscle powder, you may not familiar with, but mention protein powder, we all know. Add muscle powder mainly of carbohydrates and proteins, most gain powder content, the proportion of carbohydrates and proteins is 2 to 1. The main composition of protein powder is protein, so both is also different. We all know that the formation of the muscle is outcome of combined action of energy, protein, and synthetic nutrients. Add muscle powder not only contains protein, and the proportion of carbohydrates, so is suitable for those body emaciated, eager to fat fat people. For obese people, like small make up small make up recommend appropriate supplementary food protein powder can be. 2, add muscle powder affect fertility? Birth is one of the important problems, young men and women face a lot of people will ask, add muscle powder long-term consumption can have an impact on future fertility? The answer is, please feel free to eat, general won't affect fertility, because add muscle powder is pure natural plant extract nutrients. And it is the main component of carbohydrates and protein, so did not influence the composition of the family. But you must keep in mind that, according to usage, eaten in moderation, otherwise it will cause your kidneys must burden oh. And add muscle powder consumption also is to have cultured very much, had better be in half an hour before we exercise consumption of time, within an hour or two after exercise to eat again, must eat volume, otherwise too much protein supplement is good for our bodies. In addition must eat with warm water, because water damage increase muscle protein elements in the powder. To sum up, add muscle powder for male and female reproductive function, will not cause side effects. 3, the main factors influencing the fertility in the life, has the following four factors that affect fertility: first, the environment pollution, we inhale the harmful gas at ordinary times can lead to reduced sperm quality in men. Second, unhygienic and irregular diet, such as long-term consumption of pesticide residue of fruits and vegetables, often drinking, overeating, etc. Third, unhealthy habits in life, often stay up late at night, for example, often smoking, sedentary don't exercise regularly. Fourth, the emotion and mood depressed nervous, also can cause the body endocrine disorders, eventually cause certain influence to the family. Through small make up in detail, we to add muscle powder had a more comprehensive and scientific understanding, gain powder on bearing no side effects, but if you think the recent birth of a healthy baby, small make up recommend that you first of all, both sides of husband and wife do a comprehensive physical examination, then give up smoking and drinking in the diet, rest, the living environment to one of the best state, believe that will come true.
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