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Add muscle powder eat one day tell you how many grams of several powder add muscle matters needing attention

by:Shine High     2020-08-17
Add muscle powder for people who exercise regularly should be very familiar with, because exercise can help people to take to add muscle powder rapid compensatory body need nutrition, then add muscle powder eat how many grams a day? How to grasp the increase the amount of muscle powder? Below small make up to tell you. A day, add muscle powder to eat how many grams of generally add muscle powder, there is no unified standard doses are often as the case may be. 1, to increase muscle of different powder, usage also is distinguishing, such as the dosage of powder in the muscle gain of science and technology are prescribed above: 1 ~ 3 times a day, every time 1 spoon, a spoonful of about 67 g. See the real users they eat how many grams per day. And whey protein powder add muscle: health bit 1 times per day, 2 tablespoons each time, 2 teaspoons of about 30 g, view taking health bit whey protein daily dosage of the clients. Through the above two models can clearly see that the two brands add muscle powder has the very big difference in taking. 2, to the friends of different fitness stage, take the methods and doses are distinct, around us, although there are a lot of fitness of the person you like, but because of the influence of the work and life, fitness time is limited, for those who don't have much time for fitness friends, take the amount of gain powder will also be reduced accordingly. General advice taken within half an hour after everyone in the gym, but once suggested taking 100 grams, can use to start or dissolved drink milk, but for their friends who go on large amount of time to exercise, increase the amount of powder and frequency will be increased accordingly, for these people general advice to take three times a day, one time in the early to middle, specific doses, you'd better consult a professional doctor or dial 400 - 189 - 1399 consulting gain powder nutritionist. 2, add muscle powder need to pay attention to matters of the first, can not drink on an empty stomach muscle powder, must before drink gain powder to eat some food can cure hunger, such as bread, steamed bread, etc. , on an empty stomach, the intestines and stomach might be affected. The 2nd, can not drink too much gain powder, both drug and food, as long as it is too much food will be a burden on our bodies, have some friends can be started to use add muscle powder was unluckily, but after taking one or two weeks or so, if the effect is not obvious, may be to increase doses, such operation is wrong, so not to add muscle did not help, but also bring physical discomfort. See the above introduction, believe everybody to add muscle powder eat how many grams a day also clear, hope everyone can unluckily, don't assume that add muscle powder is taking the more the better the results, this hope you can understand, to be more careful.
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