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Add muscle powder eat how long have effect

by:Shine High     2020-08-11
Add muscle powder, edible is convenient, taste pretty good also, taking gain powder can solve the problem of diet can't meet the demand of energy. But gain powder has effect to eat how long? Add muscle powder on the method of use, dosage and time also must be scientific and reasonable, if use undeserved, the wasted effort. For bodybuilding, the most important thing is to get more lean body mass. Therefore, when using gain powder should pay special attention to grasp the correct using method of science. 1, add muscle powder is a 'fool' camera, ate can add muscle. Add muscle powder is a reasonable proportion of sugar and protein, effectively the calories and protein, promote recovery after exercise and nutrition supplement of muscle growth. But, if you want to make the powder best gain effect, should also be scientific and reasonable training plan and dietary nutrition program. Proved that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will significantly improve the effect of your training, and optional unscientific use will not work. Add muscle powder has effect to eat how long 2, add muscle powder is suitable for the people all want to gain. The group in bodybuilding training can be divided into three kinds, thin type, strong type and fueling, add muscle powder is suitable for before two kinds. Add muscle powder commonly used in daily calories and protein intake is insufficient, if your calorie intake is on the high side at ordinary times, need not use add muscle powder which can be exchanged for whey protein and pyruvic acid creatine, appropriately increase reduced fat composition. 3, some people think that add muscle powder by too many carbohydrates contain can lead to unhealthy obese. Muscle growth needs plenty of calories, calorie intake must reach more than 50 kcal/kg body weight/day, and fit to add muscle carbohydrates in people daily meal nutrition should be 60% to 65%. Proper carbohydrate intake can be caused by the training catabolism state ( Decomposition of muscle power) Into a synthetic metabolic state ( Increased muscle volume) 。 So, in the add muscle powder used, as long as pay attention to calculate their own demand for calories, and then make a plan to increase or reduce the consumption of every day, to ensure the carbohydrate intake of recommended range, can guarantee the enough quantity of heat, add muscle carbohydrates into full play important role in the increase muscle and no increase in body fat.
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