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A comprehensive interpretation for l-carnitine has side effects the dangers of l-carnitine diet pills

by:Shine High     2020-08-26
L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid can promote fat into energy, so a lot of people to lose weight by eating the same. For l-carnitine, many people only know that it has the effect of weight loss amount, yet did not know it can also have side effects. So, l-carnitine what is the harm? And what are the side effects? Learn together! 。 1 is there any side effects, l-carnitine, l-carnitine from lamb, beef, red meat such as pork, the body also can synthesis, because from the food, the chemical composition, and can be compatible with the human body, so will have to add in a lot of food and dietary supplements; L-carnitine itself took place, and a reliable source, is not a chemical composition, but the same in the process of human use, excessive or ingestion of this material, will inevitably produce some side effects to human body, it is need to the attention of consumers. 2, harm, cause diarrhoea in the liver and kidney and stored in the heart, brain, muscles, etc, it needs to rely on kidney balance, are stored in kidney height, liver and kidney function bad people eat there will be a bad reaction after l-carnitine, pathological changes, even when dieters excessive use, can appear the symptom of diarrhea. Suggestion: l-carnitine applicable people clearly, liver and kidney function weak careful, strict control of dosage, 5 - every day 10 grams, do not rush, a large number of use. 3, harm 2: cause insomnia left-handed flesh arkin is by burning fat, provide energy to achieve the goal of reducing weight, but it also can make the human body nervous excitement, like coffee, tea has the effect of antifatigue, during the period of l-carnitine as medicaments reducing weight, often can appear insomnia, sleep quality. 4 and advice: avoid before taking l-carnitine, prevent insomnia. 5, harm 3: : cause malnutrition l-carnitine itself is a kind of additive, during the period of taking, human demand for energy is less, can reduce appetite, and carbohydrates and l-carnitine weight loss itself needs to cooperate, to enhance physical fitness, enhance the capacity of the metabolism of fat in the body, if long-term use, high consumption and low consumption, can cause malnutrition in the body, resulting in a decline in function. Advice: during the period of taking l-carnitine, as well as to strengthen the body nutritional supplements, comprehensive proper diet, drink plenty of water, help detoxification. 6, harm four: damage to the muscle s itself has no toxic, but the industrialized production of l-carnitine, purity can't get a good guarantee, often carry a certain amount of D - Carnitine, D - Carnitine has no effect reducing weight not only, still can damage the muscles, causing muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, and so on and so forth. Advice: choose the purity in more than 99% of the total, don't buy some low price, the same product with no quality guarantee.
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